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Signs of Depression and Anxiety in Palmistry

destiny palmistry

Signs of depression and anxiety from the palm and fingers. In this article, the signs from the hands that I am referring to can be abandonment anxiety or abandonment depression. Someone with these indicators might…

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Obsessive-Compulsive Signs from the Hands

mistakes by palm readers

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder Indications from the Hands If you are interested in hand analysis (palmistry), you will understand that a large part of palm reading is about knowing the character. Various markings, such as lines…

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Hand Analysts Answers to Top 12 Questions

hand analyst, sari puhakka, palm reader

Palmistry is the study of the hands, palm lines and dermatoglyphics (finger and palm prints). When doing palm readings, hand analysts face many common questions from people. In this article, I have listed the top…

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Hand Shape – Which One Matches Yours?

water shaped hand

Which Hand Shape fits Your Character? Each of us has unique hand features, and your hand shape reveals your innate character. In palmistry, it is crucial to know these basic shapes to analyse the other…

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Free Palm Reading Lessons for Beginners

free palm reading, Success line, fate line, destiny

Free Palm Reading Lessons for Beginners and the more Advanced Are you looking for a free palm reading? The best way to guide your life is to know yourself instead of asking someone for answers.…

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Success Signs for Business From the Hands

success signs for business,

Success Signs for Business From the Hands, Fingers and Lines What are the success signs for business from the hands? It depends on what you think success is. Not everyone’s idea of success is the…

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Head Line in Palmistry – Five Personalities

long head line, head line, head line markings

Which Type of Head Line Do You Have? The head line on your palm commences from the space between the Index finger and thumb and usually runs horizontally at least halfway across the palm. This…

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Fingerprints to Tell Life Purpose or Mission

fingerprints for life purpose

Fingerprints to Tell Life Purpose You might be surprised to learn that you can use your fingerprints to tell life purpose. We all have a particular calling or purpose in life; it is our passion…

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Love Life in Palmistry – For Relationships

love life through palmistry

Learn About the Love life in Palmistry for Relationships It is evident that knowing about a person’s character helps to form and keep better relationships. Getting to know people takes time and sometimes patience if the…

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Skin Texture Can Reveal Your Personality

learn palmistry, destiny palmistry, skin texture, hand reading, hand features of a difficult child,

THE SKIN TEXTURE OF YOUR PALMS SHOWS YOUR PERSONALITY When reading hands, it is essential to take in as many factors as possible to understand the individual’s makeup fully. Taking note of the skin texture…

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Learn Hand Analysis for Better Relationships

palmistry workshops, signs of divorce from the palm, alm reader for party, signs of success, thumb tip, palm reading online, palm reader brisbane, palm reading party, learn hand analysis, venus mount, which hand to read,

Why Learn Hand Analysis? Anyone can learn hand analysis, but you might wonder why? Because you can tell the character from the hands. Honesty, responsibility, leadership skills and sex drive (lovemaking style) are just a…

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Reading Palms and How It Can Help You

signs of success, money and luck signs, reading palms, travel lines, sari puhakka, palm reader in Brisbane, life line marks

Reading Palms (Your own palm) and how it can help you. Palmistry undertaken as an art, to interpret the character, should be done so with an open mind and variable analysis. It is the art…

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