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After many decades of study and dedication to palmistry, I decided to teach my knowledge to others with free palmistry lessons. Why? Because I saw too many practising palm readers giving advice to people and potentially ruining the reputation of some reputable professionals.

If you are very serious about learning to read hands, I also have a video course which is not available on YouTube. Check it out here.

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If you’ve never considered how much palmistry could help you, here is something to think about:

  • Understand your character and why you are where you are today.
  • Know your life purpose, the real reason you are here. Knowing your life purpose can help all areas of your life, not only the career but general happiness.
  • Find a clearer direction and motivation to succeed in what you want. Have better and stronger relationships because you can understand your loved ones.
  • If you are single, you know which character type will better suit your personality and recognise it from their hands.
  • You can help your loved ones, (especially children) to find their potential for them to succeed in life.
  • If you are hiring staff for your business, you can use your knowledge of hand analysis to judge their suitability for the job.

Palmistry is hand analysis

The art of studying the hand as well as all features on it, such as the lines and fingerprints. These days, modern palmistry steers away from the predictive side of reading hands due to some individuals’ reputations as being fortune-tellers, hence giving the practice a bad name.

Is Palmistry Fortune-telling?

I do not see palmistry as fortune-telling. People still want to know their future from their hands, but the problem is that the hands show what is going on right now. Realistically the lines cannot predict the future. People make their own decisions in life. What they can tell you is that whatever you have done up until now, can show as a kind of consequence of what may come.

For instance, if you are not taking care of yourself, or if you are addicted to food or substances, your health may suffer down the track. Some indicators on the hands can tell of poor health. If you have the qualities of someone who is motivated and driven to succeed, then you are more likely to have the consequence of becoming successful.

What do the hands show?

If you have features which depict weakness in the character, a hand analyst could tell you what weaknesses to work on to bring the desired result. Nothing is for sure, especially from one feature alone. Consider all aspects before making assumptions, because some elements balance out or cancel out others. As a rule of thumb so to speak, always look at the thumb. It is a critical factor in good reading.

Doctors use signs from the hands to help diagnose illness or disease. They look at the colour, the nails, the temperature, skin texture, lumps and so forth. I have included information about some health indicators in this book.

Learning hand analysis

If you are interested in palmistry for personal reasons or if you are a professional coach, a therapist, counsellor, or healer, hand analysis allows you to add additional means to your range of work. You can give your clients more insight and clarity for finding their way and attaining their maximum capacity to achieve their goals.

What to me is exciting about this subject, is being able to understand the basics of the character through the hands. Learning about ourselves, as well as others helps us to get along better with the people in our lives. Recognizing these essential features can not only assist in finding a suitable life partner but in business and other partnerships. It is possible to see if a person is open-minded and easy-going or if they have the drive, and leadership qualities required for their job; can they be trusted.

People inherit many physical features and character traits from their parents, but we are all unique, and our hands show it. The basic shape of the hand is especially an essential part of reading the palms because it is what helps us to determine the first and most fundamental character of the person.

Hand Analysis Workshops 2020.

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