Palm Reading Online List and Prices

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Receiving your palm reading online is easy, with no hassle and no appointments or meetings necessary! Follow the simple steps below, choose your reading, and I will reply by email or message.

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The basic analysis might suit you if you have questions and do not require a comprehensive palm reading.  If you have many questions that need to be answered, I recommend the full life guidance reading. The full reading takes longer to prepare, but you will get more detail and advice.

UPDATE 22 August 2023: Please be aware all readings are prepared in order of prioritization. Due to more reading requests, the current waiting time after payment and correct photos can be two business days (up to 7 days). (Weekends not included AEST – UTC +10) See the Full terms and conditions here. WE ARE CLOSED September 15-19th, and December 16-23, 2023

Current Available Readings and Prices

One-on-One palm reading using a video link with ‘Google Meet’. This service is $85.00 for a 30-minute reading. You must have previously supplied your palm photos and questions to avoid wasting time in the 30-minute session. Click the above link to learn more or to make your booking.

Career Guidance Reading Price: $180.00 – $140.00

Do you need advice on your career path? Have you made a decision that you are uncertain of? The career guidance palm reading helps you to find your true purpose, which can help you decipher the career path that suits you and fulfils your happiness. This reading is through e-mail.

Basic Guidance Reading Price: $30.00

The basic palm reading helps you find answers if you do not need a full or detailed reading. This reading can help with relationships, careers or any question you have. (Via e-mail).

The Full Palm Reading

Price: $360.00 $320.00

A comprehensive premium reading. I analyse your character from your hands, palm lines, fingerprints and date of birth to help with questions about love, career, health, money, future, life mission and more. Includes the life purpose reading below. This reading is a pdf report sent via email.

Price: $120.00

Discover what may be your true calling in your life from your fingerprints and palm lines. This accurate palm reading describes your innate character to help discover your life purpose. (pdf report via e-mail)

A psychic tarot reading costs $30.00 for a basic reading of up to three questions. (Via e-mail or messenger). Ask any question about life, career, future, relationships, money or even a general advice reading. Please note the basic reading is not detailed or comprehensive.


The basic reading is for up to three questions, either a quick palm reading or a Tarot card reading via email or messenger. It is a quick look at your palms or using Tarot cards for answers. It is available via email or Page Messenger. (Please note private messaging in my profile is NOT available.) $30.00

NOTE: All readings are for entertainment purposes only. If you require counselling, psychotherapy or legal advice, please seek the help of a professional. The author is not liable or responsible for any outcome, loss or damage from the readings. See the disclaimer notice at the foot of this page, or read the Full Terms and Conditions HERE.


  1. A clear photo of both hands, the whole hand with fingers visible. Please show the hand in an upright and front-facing position. Images turn out best in daylight near a window but not in direct sunlight.
  2. Indicate which is left and right if it’s a scan or mirror photo.
  3. Include pictures of the fingerprints, fingernails, fingertips, and palm sides under the pinkie.
  4. Your gender, and if you are left or right-handed.
  5. Your age now (or full date of birth for a more accurate reading.)
  6. Your questions
  7. Payment to
  8. Please e-mail me HERE.
  9. NOTE: Your reading is a personal service, and you might be placed in a queue if others have ordered before you. Please be patient. The waiting time for your reading varies depending on the demand.

Private Palm Reading

Private palm readings are available via appointment for Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas. The prices start at $60.00 per 30 minutes or $120 per hour for a daytime booking. No travel fee if you are in the Redlands area. In all other areas, travel expenses apply. These prices vary depending on the location and time. Afternoon, weekend and evening readings and events are $150.00 per hour, plus travel if outside the Redlands area. Please use the contact us page to arrange your appointment.


“Wow, wow, WOW! You’ve got me pegged! The numerology is on point. What you see in my palms is also very accurate. I’m terrified of making a huge mistake. But this reading is very helpful. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this for me. You are a sweetheart. Thank you again so very much, Sari.”

“Hi Sari, Thanks a million for your help. I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards you for your help. I have read your reply many times and evaluated myself repeatedly in light of your observations and suggestions. Finally, I realised that I possess many qualities but never utilize my skills as they should.

More Palm Reading Feedback!

I’m so thankful for your reading; the things you explained and analyzed are right! I can’t even thank you enough!

Thank you for your reading! It was very detailed and insightful. I appreciate the time and care you have taken to write this reading for me. I will be reading it over and over again.

I’m so thankful that those reading things you explained and analyzed are spot-on facts about me. It will be a life-changing fact for me to know that I’m never going to be 100% sure about the moves in life that I make 😎 I Can’t even thank you enough!

You’re one of the best palmistry teachers I’ve had so far! Thank you💛

Hi Sari,
I love love love your site and youtube channel!! So much info you give in a very organized, enjoyable and easy way to learn.



  1. We do not give medical, legal, or financial advice. Please consult the appropriate experts for these matters.
  2. This business does not practice fortune-telling or guarantee that we can predict the future.
  3. We do not take any responsibility for actions that you might take based on your reading.
  4. We reserve the right to abstain from answering questions we consider unethical or illegal.
  5. All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Refund policy for all readings:

To receive a refund, you must cancel before the reading has been completed, usually within 24 hours, by notifying the reason for cancellation in writing. SEE THE FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS HERE

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