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Palmistry Workshops and Readings in Brisbane


Hi there, thanks for visiting the palmistry workshops page! If you are interested in learning palmistry or looking for a palm reader for your event or private reading, you have come to the right place. If you want to go directly to book a palm reader, please head to the next page.

Update 11 January 2022 – Group workshops and private lessons have resumed. Please read our terms and conditions here.

Join us now for my palmistry workshops in Character Awareness through hand analysis. This palmistry workshop is for those who want to learn about palmistry, earn extra income as a reader or wish to learn a new way to improve their relationships and quality of life.

Palmistry / Hand Analysis

The art of analysing hands has been practised for centuries to examine the character and personality, motivations, desires and how you see the world and live your life. Knowing how to read hands can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and those close to you.

Did you know that you can glance at someone’s hands and instantly get their general character? 

Introductory workshops – Click here for more information.


Learn to recognise character through a mere glimpse of the hands!

There’s so much more to hand reading than just looking at the lines, and in Module 1, you get to learn all the important aspects of reading hands and fingers. Can’t come to a workshop? No problem, you can get your lessons delivered to your email. TO GET VIDEO MODULES CLICK HERE


What’s in it for you? You will experience a ‘hands-on’ workshop, putting pencil to paper (not just listening to me talking!) You will learn about recognising character traits that can affect your choices for your personal life or as an employer seeking the right staff, etc.

If you’ve never considered how much palmistry workshops could help you, here is something to think about:

  • Understand your character and why you are where you are today.
  • Know your life purpose, the real reason you are here.
  • Find a clearer direction and motivation to succeed in what you want.
  • Have better and stronger relationships because you can understand your loved ones.
  • If you are single, you know which character type will better suit your personality and recognise it from their hands.
  • You can help your loved ones (especially children) to find their potential for them to succeed in life.
  • If hiring staff for your business, you can use your knowledge of hand analysis to judge their suitability for the job.

Step by step easy to learn palmistry lessons:

  • What the shape of the hand tells about the character.
  • The mounts and fingers, what they tell you.
  • Finger lengths and the importance of length, size and shape.
  • Crooked or leaning fingers.
  • The thumb and its meanings, what to look for to get an instant analysis.
  • The finger phalanges, what the segments of each finger tell you.
  • The fingernails, their shape and health warnings from the nails.
  • Personality types and description of temperaments for career and relationships.

MODULE 1 Character awareness through hands and fingers – Lessons 1-12

This workshop will be ongoing for those who wish to continue to Modules 2 & 3- All the Lines. Future dates will be added!

Module 1, Character Awareness through the hands and fingers, is three sessions and begins Thursdays 9.30 am – 11.30 am ~ Length of the lesson time is approximate. If you are unavailable for these times, let me know, and we can arrange a one-on-one workshop.

The new dates for 2022 are as follows:

Thursday: November 10, 24th.

Time: 9.30-11.30

LOCATION: Victoria Point, Qld, Australia

The venue will depend on the number of bookings. (Payments must be made in advance). CONTACT US HERE.

If you would like to join the workshop but cannot make the above days, I’m happy to try to arrange with you other times for a private lesson.

How much?

Palm readings and workshop prices are as follows: 1 hour $120.00 / 2 hours $240.00

If you only require a mini reading for 15 or 30 minutes, you may choose this option in the drop-down menu below.

Please contact us below to make arrangements.

See our terms and conditions before making a payment below:

Palmistry Workshop / Palm Reading

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If you have paid for the palmistry workshops or a private lesson. Please leave your particulars below to finalize the booking, and I will contact you for more details.

See you soon!

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