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Palmistry Video Lessons Available

Welcome to the page where you can find free palmistry video lessons playlists! The first playlist contains the basics of palmistry to learn about the importance of hand shape, fingers and skin texture. The remaining playlists cover the lines and their meanings. Also, we welcome feedback and suggestions for new lessons. Please subscribe to our lessons, so that we can continue to provide the services for free (see link below).

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Playlist 1. Palmistry Video Lessons – The Shape of the Hand and Fingers.

Palmistry Lesson 1 – The importance of skin texture in a palm reading.

Lesson 2 – About seeing the character from the shape of the hand.

Palmistry Lesson 3 –  Part 1. The meanings of the shape of the thumb.

Lesson 4 – Part 2. More of the thumb lesson.

Palmistry Lesson 5 – Part 3. Phalanges of the thumb lesson.

Lesson 6 – Part 4. The thumb and how to succeed.

Palmistry Lesson 7 – The meanings behind the size and shape of the fingers.

Lesson 8 – The signs from palmistry that help find your passion.

Playlist 2. Palmistry Video Lessons – The Life Line

Life line part 1. Short or long life line

Part 2. Timing events on the line

Life line part 3. Types of life line

Part 4. Marks on the line

Life line part 5. Breaks and marks

Playlist 3. The Fate Line

Fate Line Part 1. Fate line types

Part 2. Marks and Branches

Fate Line part 3. Broken Fate Line

Playlist 4. The Head Line

Head Line Part 1. Short and Long Head line meanings

Part 2. Signs of Mental Problems

Head Lind Part 3. The Broken Head Line

Playlist 5. The Heart Line

Heart Line Part 1. The Line of Lovers

Playlist 6. The Simian Line

Simian Line Part 1.  Single transverse crease.

Line Part 2. Meanings with the shape of the hand

Simian Line Part 3. Understanding the Simian line character

Part 4. Simian Variations.

Simian Line Part 5. The Double Simian line characteristics

Playlist 7. A career in the Palms

Career Lesson 1 (Presentation)

Lesson 2 (Presentation)

Career Lesson 3 (Video)

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