Basic Reading for Questions Via Page Messenger


Basic reading for a palm reading or intuitive tarot reading. This reading is not a comprehensive reading. Send to this message service at the Palmistry Lessons.

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Basic Reading Via Palmistry Lessons Messenger

Send to this message service at the Palmistry Lessons.

Basic reading is a quick look into your situation, whether through a card reading or palm reading. You can ask anything you like, however, this reading is not detailed or comprehensive.

It’s easy to receive your personal answers via messenger, no hassle, no appointments or meetings necessary.

About a career guidance palm readings. Did you know that through palmistry, we can discover not only character traits but also some things that we may not be aware of, like potential obstacles or health issues? Learn about what type of job might be suitable for you through your fingerprints and hand lines. Would you be better at a business or a job?

If you have questions about love and relationships, this one covers some of what is evident in the hands to find answers to your questions. Some people wonder if they will get married and whether it will be for love or arranged marriage. Unfortunately, palmistry cannot give a definite answer to those questions, but there are signs that give clues.

For intuitive guidance, all that is required is your questions, your gender and age. You are welcome to give more information if you feel it will help in a more clarified read. For instance if you have a past event which relates to your question, it might help the reader to know about it so as to give clearer answers.


For a palm reading, a clear photo of both hands, the whole hand with fingers visible.
If you are Male or Female
Your age now
Your questions

Send to this message service at the Palmistry Lessons.

(Do not send messages to my personal profile).

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