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Simian Line Personality Survey

Hello, thank you for participating in a survey of people with a Simian Line. If you have one horizontal line across the palm as per the image above, instead of two (heart line and head line), you have a Simian Line. I have more information about the Simian line below the survey if you would like to learn more about it.

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If you have the Simian line, we want to learn more about you!

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Simian Line Survey

Left hand, right hand or Both?
How many family members with a Simian line?
Choose one or more
For example your strengths and or weaknesses and in what way you might be different from those around you.

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What is a Simian Line?

On a small proportion of hands, the heart line, and head line appear to be joined into a single line, forming one long line across the palm, known as the Simian line, or crease. The association of this line was once thought only to be with chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome. However, it is mostly a regular feature and more widespread in Asia. Some recent studies, show forms of neuroticism, hyperactivity, introversion, and sometimes delinquent behaviour.

While these attributes may relate to some people, they have also found that this line on someone with no physical defects or other behavioural problems, signifies a somewhat different, quite intense character; not necessarily a negative attribute as it would seem.

The head and heart lines as one

With the qualities of the head line, (rational) and the (emotional) heart line seemingly combined or missing, it makes sense to regard this line as a sign of single-mindedness. Once they have found something they like, it can be difficult for them to do it in moderation, to the point of obsession. Someone who has both hands with a Simian line, will especially have a strong will, and they want to do things their way, rules or no rules; it is their law that counts.

If it is present on both hands, it can mean that they are governed by either their heart or their head, saying that they may find it challenging to balance their emotions with their logic. Some find it difficult to focus on careers and relationships at the same time. If the Simian individual has a strong focus on his career, his partner needs to be supportive of his work.


I have learned that the strongest character traits show in those who have found their passion in life. I think that is because they have a great ability to stick to one objective. Many high-profile people, religious or political leaders, and actors have this marking. It is an indicator of determination and endurance. Knowledge of a particular field can give the impression of high intelligence. Empathy is also a strong trait amongst some Simian line types.


Stubbornness, single-mindedness, and being overly sensitive are some of the weaker attributes. Overthinking is also common, they tend to internalize thoughts and feelings. However, the mind is like a switch, it’s either fully on or fully off.

If you have the Simian line only on the right hand, (or the dominant hand) click here to read the article.

If you have a double Simian or just one on the non-dominant hand, you can read the article here.

Results from the survey and your feedback may be published in publications (anonymously of course!)

Quotes by Simian line personalities.

I have a Simian line on my right hand. I also had a spiritual awakening a few years ago and it’s taken me all over the world. Very empathic Pisces, birthday on March 20, and feel and connect with all sorts of people. I went from 6 years of active duty military to studying at a Contemplative College accredited with Buddhism. Naropa University. Very loving and always searching for experience/wisdom.

I have a Simian line on both hands. A definite strength would have to be staying calm and nice when others would revert to being mean or create an outburst. Also, I’m uncertain if this next quality of mine is a strength or weakness, but I have a strong tendency to want to please people even after I have felt they’ve done me wrong in some way. I am extremely analytical and play a sort of detective role in life, such as figuring out why something is the way it is. I have a big love capacity and feel we are all connected.

More Simian Line Quotes

A simian line on both hands. I am good at something related to art, such as drawing, making handicrafts, etc. I am a good listener and very emotionally sensitive. People usually find me comfortable to be with. I am bad at something related to “remembering exact things” like histories, fix recipes, etc. because I like improving and being flexible. Once I feel uncomfortable with people, they tend to hurt me, it’s hard to maintain a good relationship as before.

I am influential in accessing a problem and going in-depth for a solution. I find it very hard to talk with new people. My friends and people I know say that I have an attitude that may be due to the success in my academics and work. But I know that it is not, I talk to people who I feel worth, or else I stay away.

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