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Right Hand Simian Line on Your Palm

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The right-hand Simian line has a slightly different meaning than having one on the left. By right hand, I do mean the dominant hand. So, if you are predominately left-handed with a Simian line there, this also applies to you. I have based this article on a recent study of people with a Simian line.

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Firstly, what is a Simian line?

A Simian line is a single horizontal crease across the palm instead of the more common two lines (head and heart). Unlike other horizontal lines, the Simian does not have gaps or breaks. With the qualities of the head line (rational) and the heart line (emotional) seemingly combined or missing, it makes sense to regard this line as a sign of single-mindedness. The Simian line is more frequent in males and tends to run in families; not all have it on both hands. Worldwide it is found only on around 1.5% on the one hand. It is also more common among Asians and Native Americans (up to 10%). In Caucasians, it is only around 1%.

double simian
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Pathologically, the line can be a symptom associated with some medical conditions like Down syndrome, Fetal Alcohol syndrome, Aarskog syndrome and chromosome disorders. The Simian Line is mostly inherited; on its own, it isn’t a definite indication of those conditions.

The Rapas

In the Filipino language, they call the Simian line the ‘Rapas’ and are known to show someone intense and dedicated. It shows a lot of energy when it’s available. The person doesn’t stop easily once they begin to move. But once they do stop, they stay unmoved longer than usual. The Simian line people seem to have a switch, either on or off, with little in between. This is especially true if on both hands.

The meaning of a Simian Line

The Simian is like a fused head line and heart line. Therefore, the two sides work together as one. It is a mark of single-mindedness. Typically, the owners of a Simian line are intense, tenacious, unpredictable and often easily misunderstood by others. They do, however, tend to possess an abundance of energy, some finding it difficult to relax mentally and/or physically unless on a soft water hand with a weak or short line of life; then, the get-up-and-go may run out quickly.

In many cases where there is a Simian line present, there are also some other lines that branch from it. A girdle of Venus or a floating heart line is also common. These extra lines give the character more intensity and sensitivity depending on other indicators. A line that drops downward acts like the head line, emphasising logic more. A line that rises from the simian line gives more emotional or sentimental qualities.

The right-hand Simian personality

If your dominant hand has the Simian line, your distinct personality is more evident to those who do not have it. The intensity and stubbornness of the personality are not so hidden. On the inside, the individual might feel normal emotions and reasoning. However, everything might be much more complicated in their day-to-day life. Of course, as with all palm reading, the shape of the hand, fingers and other features can offset these qualities. The creative urge might be significant.

(Common questions) Is a Simian Line good or bad? Is having the Simian Line Lucky?

There is no real association with luck having a Simian line. However, some people have felt that they have bad luck. I believe it is simply choices and circumstances. Anyone can make their luck. The line is neither a bad nor a good sign. It is a single horizontal crease instead of the more common two lines. The line is not a gift mark, even though some hand readers call it a gift mark. Everyone has some gift, whether to work hard, be of service, love unconditionally or any other positive trait. Having one line instead of two, however, is rare. You can read more about the Simian in my mini-ebook here on the ebook download page.

The simian line on a thick hand

A right-hand Simian on a fire type hand (thick, long palm, short fingers) certainly enhances the qualities due to the already passionate and impulsive nature. This type of character might need to go into whatever they are interested in deeply. They are not satisfied with skimming the surface and letting things go. More often than not, they overanalyse almost everything; they will give all they have, perfect in certain situations like research or the sciences. This type of determination and drive helps to get things done completely, not in halves. It might frustrate them when others do not. Diplomacy is not usually their best quality. In saying that, they are often intolerant with a short temper.

A narrow and long hand with Simian

A narrow water hand with the qualities of introversion lessens these traits. While there might still be a passionate nature, they will not be as assertive. The water hand gives more sensitivity and compassion but might also not handle stress. Anxiety can be an issue as they are more introverted and prefer to be in their own company.

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Quotes and comments by People With a Right Hand Simian

In the words of a right-hand Simian person, “I like to think about everything in detail, such as when commenting or filling out forms, because I want everything perfect! My friends and people I know say that I have an attitude. However, I think it is my strength, I do not easily give up and am always curious.”

Another right-hand Simian person quoted: “I’m incredibly short-tempered. I hate stupid and unreasonable people. If I consider myself a friend to someone, I go a long way to defend him/her. I’m an excellent father, and my son means everything to me. I’m not too fond of unnecessary social courtesy and I express my feelings on the face of people. Professionally, I’m diplomatic and a terrific colleague to work with. People enjoy my company but handle me with extreme care, fearing my sensitivity. If I turn my back to someone, I never return to him/her. I’m always struggling inside my mind to control my emotions. I’m a man with sound judgement and people respect my decision although at the beginning, many of them stand against my thought. I like people, but I “tolerate” them for a while. I enjoy loneliness and never miss anyone badly.”

Female right Simian: “I think my personality like ordinary people, but I know I have high tolerance about people nowadays because I see on a bigger perceptive and I find it easy to make my brain and my heart agree with my opinion or decisions.”

More Quotes by Simian Line owners

“I can’t trust others for working, if I can do it myself, I will do it without asking for help. I’m good at math, get a high score, and considered smart during school days, but after graduation from high school, suddenly, I don’t know what to do with my life. I only have few friends, and none is super close to me. Strengths: I’m not easily giving up, always curious Weakness: stubborn, don’t like to be advised, and I’m confident, indecisive additional information: I never lived with both of my parents since I was born although I keep contact with them, they divorced, and I live with a babysitter turned out like a grandmother to me.”

“I try to take everything easy. I get bored easily primarily through people. Also, I get bored quickly at work too and change jobs frequently. I lived abroad for several years and feel like moving again. I have an abusive authority. We are Simians through several generations in my family.”

“I am reasonably sensitive and shy. Especially when young. Can read people well, so don’t tolerate fools. I am intuitive. If I start something, I’ll finish it. More to do with learning. Like to keep my mind active but can be lazy physically. I’m loyal and a good friend and mother. Can have a hot temper, especially if stressed.”

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