Water Hand Shape in Palmistry


The water hand shape uses the element from astrology – In astrology, the water signs are Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. This shape is also called the feeling hand and if with pointy fingertips, the psychic hand.

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The water hand shape type is characterized by long palms and long fingers, sometimes the fingers are normal length. The hand often appears very narrow overall. The fingers are lean with conic or pointed tips.

The hands often feel soft and kind of damp. There are often many fine lines all over the palm that reveals someone who is sensitive, intuitive and dreamy.

  • They are often extremely imaginative, creative and compassionate, attracted to the arts, healing professions or counselling.
  • The long fingers show their patience and eye for detail, but they can be unworldly or impractical.
  • Health wise they are vulnerable and can lack energy; they may suffer stress-related issues.
  • Having some form of spiritual beliefs will be helpful in their day to day motivation.
  • They are quite introverted and so will prefer peace and quiet and to move at a slower pace in life, with a dislike of rowdy crowds and competition.
  • Because of their intuition and connection to the emotions, their feelings are easily hurt; they can pick up other people’s moods without even realizing it.
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For more about the water hand shape and all of the fingers see Destiny Palmistry here.

More about the water qualities

The more lines there are on the palm, the more it shows poor concentration and a highly strung nature. Mental instability and depression are common issues with the true water hand full of lines. However, if their energies are directed right, they can be incredibly imaginative, creative and compassionate. Many are attracted to the arts (modelling, fashion, singing, acting, etc.). Also healing professions or counselling.

The water types should avoid stress, mood swings and repressing their emotions. Drugs and alcohol do not mix well with these sensitive types and should also be avoided.


Most hands have a mix of the elements of earth, fire, water, and air. On top of that, the fingertips are often not all the same either. The length of the fingers, shape of palm and fingertips, we can put together an overall summary of the character.


If a person has a water hand, that is a long and narrow palm with average/long fingers combined with distinctly protruding knuckles; it shows a sensitive, yet analytical person. They tend to be slow thinking, and do not like to rush into anything, preferring to take their time in implementing any ideas they have.


The water hand with smooth fingers shows a slow thinking and gentle nature. They are quick to grasp an idea than one with knotted fingers, and their love for detail shows in the preciseness of their work or creative endeavours.

Do you have this water shaped hand? Do you agree with the findings above?


People with an air hand (square palm and long knotted fingers) have a plodding and analytical mind and tend to look for order and technique in what they do. The square palm gives them practical and down to earth qualities.


The square palm and long fingers of the air hand shape coupled with spatulate fingertips reveals a technically creative intellectual. They can be very original and inventive. The hand in the picture above belongs to a digital music technician who composes original works.


If with pointed fingertips on an earth hand, it is not the best combination of to have. It does depict someone who is down to earth, but the practical side is weakened by the pointed tips, if, with smooth fingers, it shows potential artistic talent. They are rather impressionable and impulsive in their actions. Psychologically, they may suffer from a lack of self-control and willpower.


The earth hand with rounded fingertips and smooth fingers denotes someone inspirational, creative, quick thinking, intuitive and spontaneous. However, they can be very impulsive in their actions, which reduces sound qualities.


The square fingertips on the earth hand accentuate the mental qualities. They like to take the lead and set an excellent example for others. They are reliable, sensible, punctual, and want to have everything systematically arranged in the right place. They frequently have a love of history, science, and math. If they have artistic skills or taste, it is probably in the form of sculpture.


A fire hand together with spatulate fingertips suggests someone with a lot of enthusiasm. They have a sense of adventure; the spatulate tips accentuate the energy levels or obsessive qualities.

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