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What is Destiny Palmistry?

Palmistry is more than simply looking at the lines on the hands. The art of analysing hands is about seeing the character and discovering your potential and purpose in life. The Study of the hand, Chiromancy is one of the oldest of the ancient forms of divination, which has long been known as palmistry. This study helps us to learn about ourselves and our goals in life. In modern times, a new approach to hand reading has evolved (Chirology) which uses not only the study of the hand shape and fingers but also of the lines, markings, skin texture, palm ridges, and fingerprints. Read more here.

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Free Lessons to Learn Hand Analysis

Whether you are new to palmistry or have the experience, there is always something new to learn. Not only are there various opinions about hand analysis, but also different cultures. I hope to give you enough diversity in this site so that you can form your own opinion as well. Is there anything you couldn’t find? Let me know, I’m always looking for more interesting content. Contact me here.

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Palm Readings by Destiny Palmistry

An accurate palm readingcan help you discover more about your future, your health, life and its lessons. A thorough reading of the hands can show individual potential, qualities of character and our behaviour because the palms can reflect the thoughts and motivations of the mind. How exciting to know that you may be lucky in love, money or have a special gift! Do you need advice on your career path? Have you made a decision which you are uncertain of? The career guidance palm reading helps you to find your true purpose that can help decipher the career path that suits you and fulfils your happiness. See all readings here

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Major and Minor lines – Excerpt from Destiny Palmistry

Most palms have the major lines; a heart line, a line of the head (or Simian line) and the life line. Although some hand readers also like to refer to the Saturn and Apollo lines as major ones. The reason I do not, is that they are not always in everyone’s hands, along with the fact that they are most likely to change along with the person’s circumstances. The major lines are what people tend to look at first when examining the palms because they are usually the longest and deepest. These lines can also subtly change over time; therefore, what is evident in your hands now, does not imply a fixed quality or event.

Prediction from the lines

When using the lines for prediction, gather information from the past trials that have led the person to be where they are now. Any lines or markings that represent the future are just assumptions. They show what is potential for the subject based on past actions, whether negative or positive. The reason prediction is based on assumption is because our hands have such a connection to our brain, that mental activity is recorded on our palms. As our thoughts and desires change, new lines can form, and old ones can fade.

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Some lines change quicker than others

The lines that are most likely to change quickly are the minor lines. But most lines depict what is happening now and what has led to the current circumstances. Keeping in mind that any person can take control of their destiny, palmistry can be used to determine some consequences or guidance for our future. Accordingly, if a line shows an attribute, it is essential to look for other indications for confirmation; as one feature can offset another.

As an example, a line that shows success for a person may indicate this as a likely conclusion. However, if other signs are against it, such as the lack of willpower, the attainment of that success may be difficult; (but not impossible). Finding adverse marks should not be a bad thing, but instead an incentive for making positive changes for better future outcomes.

Which hand to read?

The hand that a person writes with is usually their dominant hand, and the lines and hand shape can show which is the non-dominant. The dominant hand is less flexible, demonstrated by a thumb with a smaller angle. The non-dominant hand tends to be more relaxed and have more lines because it shows our thoughts, and what is really going on.

The dominant hand

The dominant hand describes what is happening in their material or the outer world right now, (the conscious). It shows what we are experiencing and whether we have developed and grown from our past. The right and left hands are usually different, which is why I always look at both.

The non-dominant hand

The non-dominant hand defines what is mostly happening on an inner level (subconscious) or what is potential. It shows what we feel we could be doing or should be doing. I read the history from the non-dominant hand, but both sides can depict past events due to timing on the lines.

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Making predictions

If trying to make predictions, the fate line is an excellent example of using the past and future in reading. If the left or non-dominant hand has a weak fate line, but the dominant has a well-formed one, it can show that the subject has made life decisions or become more motivated. An example from the chained heart line on the non-dominant hand; If the dominant hand has a clean one, it shows the person is no longer as sensitive or nervous as in the past. Another example from the line of the head. The head line shows how we think. So, if there are breaks on the line on the non-dominant hand, the person might feel like they can’t focus. It might also suggest an indecisive nature. If the dominant hand has a regular line, it doesn’t affect the person much.

Keeping records

It is a good idea to keep a record of the palms by taking a clear digital photo, a photocopy or ink print of both palms. This way, you can look them up later to see if there have been any changes.

The Fingers in a Palm Reading

The fingers themselves can also show characteristics that depict a different personality at home compared to the public eye. For instance, a short middle finger on the non-dominant hand indicates that at home the subject is carefree and tolerant, but if on the right, the middle finger is a regular length (or long), they are more serious and firmer at work or in front of the public eye.

Another example which represents our responsibilities, boundaries and the law, is when the middle finger is short on the dominant hand, but not on the non-dominant, the subject may struggle to be responsible with the finances or be inclined to break the rules outside of the home. It’s not to say that is the general nature because other factors come into the analysis but consider finger length as a foundation of the reading.

The basics of hand reading by Destiny Palmistry

People inherit many physical features and character traits from their parents, but we are all unique, and our hands show it. The basic shape of the hand is especially an essential part of reading the palms because it is what helps us to determine the first and most fundamental character of the person.

The fingers are a tremendous part because they can show how we express ourselves and how we have developed in the past. We all have distinctive looks, and the same goes for our psychological make-up, and that is why reading hands can become very involved and complicated. It is this personal disposition that reflects in our hands from birth.

I would like to note these three things:

  1. Palmistry cannot predict the length of a person’s life.
  2. Palmistry cannot foretell the exact number of marriages or children.
  3. It also cannot tell what your future partner looks like, what age, size or how wealthy they are.

These are the typical questions I get asked; yes, even number three. Some people seem to think a hand reader has this kind of magical power to give such answers. I do write many articles about the marriage lines and children lines, because of the traditional meanings. In some cases, these markings have been accurate, but I do remind people to be careful, not to take the evaluations too seriously.

The mystery of it all

You may be disappointed about the ambiguousness of some aspects of palmistry, but it should give you a feeling of relief knowing you have more control over your life. I would not think that relying on fate alone is beneficial to anyone’s happiness, but instead, it should show what is potential and that you have the power to choose or change the course of your life.

If you are reading for someone else

Remember if you are doing a reading, use care and tact, never alarm a potentially nervous or sensitive subject. It is not our job as a hand analyst to humiliate or discourage anyone. If you happen to fail to verify something, it is because you might not have judged the whole hand correctly. Remember, the lines can change over time; therefore, what is evident in your hands now, does not imply a fixed quality or event. When using the lines for prediction, gather information from the past trials that have led the person to be where they are now. Any lines or markings that represent the future are just assumptions. They can show what is potential for the subject based on past actions. I hope you enjoy reading all my articles. Check out some of the latest ones below.

There is quite a lot to learn when it comes to palmistry, even before you begin to look at the lines. With patience and practice, you can gradually become familiar with all the features of the hand and what they mean. Personally, I still find marks or lines that I have never come across before, clearly because everyone is unique. There’s one thing I have learned in my years of study, is that understanding palmistry is a lifetime commitment.

How to read palms

Once you are ready to begin reading hands, it is easiest if you take a step by step approach. You can improve your learning along the way at any time by observing other people’s hands as often as possible. Pay attention to the people you know and the people you see when you are out and about. Do their hands match their career choice? Do the hands of the folks you know show the qualities that you already recognize?

  1. What shape is the hand?
  2. Does it appear balanced, fingers versus the palm?
  3. What shape and size are the fingers?
  4. Are the fingers evenly set?
  5. What are the strongest mounts?
  6. What are the weakest mounts?
  7. Look at the Skin texture, is it soft or coarse?
  8. Is the hand consistency firm, average or flabby?
  9. Is the thumb thick, thin, long or short?
  10. How is the thumb set; low, medium or high?
  11. Consider the minor lines and skin ridges.
  12. Are there any unusual features such as curved fingers?

It is an incredible feeling to know how to read hands, it can help us to have better relationships with our loved ones, and even more interesting to discover hidden traits or talents that we may have.

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