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Palm Reader for Party or Your Event

Book a Palm Reader for Party or event today!

Palm reader for a party or your event. Delight your guests with their very own mini palm reading for answers about character, career, love, guidance for the present or future.

Entertaining short readings for your guests, usually up to 10-12 people per/hour. I offer a special double-length reading for the host or guest of honour. See about me here.

  • Ideal for bridal showers
  • Graduation parties
  • Corporate events (entertain clients)
  • Birthday parties
  • Special occasions
  • Fun group workshop + mini reading


Palm Reader for a group workshop.

If you are looking to connect your group or party guests, then there is no better way than to participate in a palmistry party workshop!

  • Learn a little about each other when your palm reader reveals secrets from your palms.
  • Gain knowledge and insight into your life, love and career.
  • This ‘hands-on’ workshop is perfect for a fun-filled and delightful afternoon or evening event in your home or at a venue.

Minimum charge $150.00 p/hour for night event and $80 p/hour day event) A travel fee may apply for venues outside the readers’ local area.

PAYMENT – We require full payment within 7 days of receiving your invoice to secure the time and date of your event. Cancellations must be made at least 3 days in advance to avoid loss of full refund.

For more information on prices and availability or to book your event, please email me personally on destinypalmist Or Request a quote or more information using the form below:

Please enter the fields below to request a quote or make a booking.

Please noteCost varies according to proximity and number of guests. This service also has limited availability depending on your location or type of event.

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