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Palm Reader for a Party or Event in Brisbane

Book a Palm Reading for Your Party or Event Today!

Palm readings for your party or event in the Brisbane, Redlands and Gold Coast area

Palm reader for a party or your event. Delight your guests with their mini palm reading for answers about character, career, love, and guidance for the present or future. (Tarot reading can be included).

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These entertaining mini-readings cater for most types of parties or events. An average quick reading of 5 minutes per person for up to 24 guests over two hours. If you prefer longer in-depth readings, I recommend fewer interested guests or booking a longer time period. Please note this palm reading party service is only available in (Qld, Australia) Brisbane, Redland, Logan and Gold Coast Regions.

  • Ideal for girl’s nights/days
  • Get-togethers
  • Bridal/baby showers
  • Graduation parties
  • Corporate events (entertain clients)
  • Birthday parties
  • Special occasions
  • Fun group learning workshop + mini-readings

Scroll down to the form below to make an enquiry about your event.

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How much does it cost?

There is a minimum charge of $150.00 p/hour for an afternoon/evening event and a $120 p/hour for a morning/day event. Sundays are $150 per hour, daytime only. A travel fee may apply for venues outside the readers’ local area. Please note: Cost varies according to proximity and number of guests. This service also has limited availability depending on your location or type of event.

PAYMENT – Payment is due upon invoice through pay pal and is required to reserve your booking. See more about cancellations and refunds here. See below for the contact form.


Palm Reader for a group workshop or event

If you want to connect your group or party guests, there is no better way to participate in a palmistry party workshop to learn palmistry.

  • Learn a little about each other when your palm reader reveals secrets from your palms.
  • Gain knowledge and insight into your life, love and career.
  • This ‘hands-on’ workshop is perfect for a fun-filled and delightful day, afternoon or evening event in your home or at a venue.

(Option 3) Fun Party Palm Reading Entertainment

If you like your party to be more light-hearted humour and entertainment, you might enjoy “Lush-oosh” Mystic Palm Reader. Please mention if this is something you’re interested in. See the Lushoosh Youtube channel here

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For more information on prices and availability or to book your event, please request a quote or more information using the form below:

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Please enter the suburb or postcode
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What is Palmistry?

Is it fortune-telling? I do not see palmistry as fortune-telling. People still want to know their future from their hands, but the problem is that they show what is happening right now. Realistically the lines cannot predict the future. People make their own decisions in life. They can tell you that whatever you have done up until now can show as a kind of consequence of what may come.

For instance, if you are not taking care of yourself or are addicted to food or substances, your health may suffer. Some indicators on the hands can tell of poor health. If you have the qualities of someone motivated and driven to succeed, then you are more likely to have the consequence of becoming successful.

What do the hands show?

If you have features that depict weakness in the character, a hand analyst could tell you what weaknesses to work on to bring the desired result. Nothing is for sure, especially from one feature alone. Consider all aspects before making assumptions because some elements balance or cancel out others. As a rule of thumb, always look at the thumb. It is a critical factor in good reading. Doctors use signs from the hands to help diagnose illness or disease. They look at the colour, the nails, the temperature, skin texture, lumps, etc.

Learn about the lines on the hand

Marriage lines on the palm

Download eBooks about Palmistry

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