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Membership Page for Palmistry Consultations

You can now subscribe as a member for consultations.

These consultations are great for those who need answers regularly. You might be a hand reader who wants someone to rely on for help reading difficult hands. Or, you might want to know things about your hands or palm lines. A subscription guarantees that you will get help without having to wait. Choose your membership level based on how often you need to communicate with us. The Contact Us page is here.

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Choose your type of membership below.

Subscribe links are located under each level.

If you only have one question.

If you have a one-time question only, you can make a single payment of $10.00 to https://www.paypal.me/destinypalmistry

Level 1 Membership – Regular Once Per Month (or three questions).

Level One membership is suitable for you if you have experience in hand analysis but still want to learn some specific features that are substantial to you. Do you have questions about certain lines or marks? Do you need some clarification or communication with an expert? With level one membership, you can access three questions or one monthly email or message consultation. Alternatively, you can ask one question three times per month—12-month subscription. Cancel anytime. $30 per month. Subscribe here

Level 2 Once-per-week consultations for 12 months

This subscription level is ideal if you are a beginner at hand analysis and wish to get regular answers. You will have access to 4 email messages/consultations per month (e.g., one weekly). 12-month subscription. Access to WhatsApp. Cancel anytime. $120.00 per month. Subscribe here

Level 3 Learning Subscription – Weekly Lessons and Consultations Membership

Level 3 subscription is for you if you are serious about becoming a professional hand analyst and want to commit to learning each week. You have unlimited questions via email/message, including consultations through your photos, analysis, and weekly lessons sent via email. 12-month subscription. Access to WhatsApp. Cancel anytime. $240.00 per month. Subscribe here

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