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Palm Line Survey About the Allergy Line

The palm line we are studying in this survey is the allergy line, also known as the Via Lascivia, poison line, or line of addiction. If you have this line present on your palm, please complete this short survey. Your honest answers are appreciated.

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various types of allergy line or via lascivia

NOTE: No personal information is required, so please answer all questions truthfully to help this study.

Drugs including Cannabis or other addictive substances.

Thank You!

Some information about the allergy palm line

Where there is an allergy line present, it can denote sensitivity towards food, drugs or both. The person could be sensitive to airborne pollutants, smoking, and alcohol. This line also appears redder when an allergy or infection is present in the system. In many cases, it looks more like a crease than a line. The allergy line is mostly on hands with soft skin covered in many lines.

The allergy line shape varies from one hand to another. The length and depth of the line can also vary. If the line is long and stands out, there is sensitivity to drugs, chemicals and or foods. If it reaches all the way to the life line, the effect is more profound. A finely broken and islanded line shows food cravings, and sometimes it is evidence of diabetes.

As a parent, if you see this line on your child’s hand, you should take care of their diet and observe for any changes in their behaviour that might relate to the changes in the meals. Strangely enough, however, those with the allergy line often seem subconsciously aware of their sensitivity. This awareness leads them to leave behind drugs and chemicals entirely. Naturopaths and healers are among many who possess this line. It shows healing and self-healing abilities.

Some people mistake the allergy line for a travel line or the intensity line. The allergy line, also known in old terms as a ‘poison line’ is again common on the extended, slim hand (water hand) with a multitude of lines.

The palm line called the ‘Intensity Line’

The intensity line tends to sit higher on the palm compared to the allergy line. This type of palm line is typical on an intuitive hand (fire hand), that is, a rectangular palm with short fingers. The intensity line can be a little tricky to spot because it can look like the travel or allergy line.

In most cases, the intensity line is a clean straight line. (Unlike a crease that is made by the allergy line) which originates from the life or fate line, running horizontally towards the outer edge of the palm. The person with this line has an urge to seek drama or thrills.

These people tend to crave excitement like bungee jumping, or on the other end of the scale, drugs. So, you could say that this line, whether an allergy line, poison line or intensity line shows significance for two types of people, the hyperactive and the potential drug addict.

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