Venus mount lines, lines on venus mount, support lines, sister lines, mars lines

Venus Mount Lines Palmistry Survey

Thank you for participating in this survey specifically to study the lines on the Venus mount (ball of the thumb). If you have vertical lines on the mount of Venus, similar to the image below, then you qualify to complete this short questionnaire. We will publish some results here once we have enough data.

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Venus mount, lines on venus mount, support lines, sister lines, mars lines
Vertical lines on the mount of Venus

The survey

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Thank you for participating in this survey, if you have Simian lines, you might also like to complete this questionnaire.

Venus Mount Lines – A second life line?

When the Venus mount line runs along the whole length of the life line, it is an inner line of life. What it generally means is that the person will eventually have a profound sense of strength or spiritual guidance in life.

It is sometimes called the Mars line if it begins from the mount of Mars . This full-length Mars line is frequently seen on twins because they tend to be close to each other throughout life. When I see someone with many of these tracks running vertically on the Venus mount, it shows the person is involved in the lives of others. They might have much support from family, brothers, sisters, partner or friends.

Sometimes the line only runs a part of the way along the life line. To calculate the timing of events on this second line is the same as the line of life. Many times, this line benefits when estimating the time of marriage. In such cases, some palmists refer to it as a support or influence line rather than a Mars line.

More about the Venus Mount Lines – The Mars Line

The Mars line runs parallel and close to the line of life on the side of the Venus mount. It is an independent line; hence it does not touch the life line. Some call it a sister line. It is a distinctive marking for extra health, energy, protection and even a unique talent. It appears frequently where the line of life is frail or broken, giving strength or protection during an otherwise weak period.

The Mars line can vary in its meaning. It is not always the same length or in an exact position. But, no matter what it looks like, it is mostly a very positive marking. It shows support from a partner or family member. However, due to its origin (Mars mount), it can point to a quarrelsome nature. For this reason, it is also a Warrior line; I like that, it makes sense because of its strengthening effect on the life line.

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