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Palmistry is the study of the hands, palm lines and dermatoglyphics (finger and palm prints). When doing palm readings, hand analysts face many common questions from people. In this article, I have listed the top twelve questions that people ask palm readers. I have included my short answer and hope to clear up some of the most pressing questions. In case you are curious, you can read About me here.

There are some typical questions and also some strange ones. Please note that this list is not a recommended collection of what you should ask a hand analyst, but instead a guide to what answers you might get.

1. Is it possible to see if someone will marry from looking at the palm lines?

It might be possible to assume that someone will get married if they have the appropriate markings. However, in several nations, declining marriage rates have coincided with a rise in the average age at which people marry. Cohabitation has become more prevalent recently all over the world. Therefore, what is seen traditionally as a marriage line, might instead represent cohabitation. For someone who never marries might still have an emotional connection to someone. The emotional connection can appear as a marriage line, even if the two never unite. See more about the marriage lines here.

2. Can you tell what type of career someone will have through hand analysis?

It is possible to assume the kind of field that is likely suitable for a particular hand type. But the exact type of career would only be a guess. For example, someone with a long skinny hand is not likely to be in the agricultural field. They will be more inclined to go for the arts, technology or sciences. You can read more about types of careers suited for each hand type here.

3. Can hand analysts know someone’s lifespan?

No, it’s not possible to know when someone will die. The palm lines can suggest the quality of life, and sometimes a hand analyst can see if there is a difficult period through specific markings. No evidence on the palms definitively shows death. Also, the lines can adjust as a person’s circumstances change. The length of the life line is not an indicator of the length of someone’s life. It’s also not possible to see if someone’s husband, wife or family member will die. Too many people tell hoax predictions causing unnecessary fear. You can read more about the life line here.

4. Can you see from the palms if someone will become a multi-millionaire?

There are no signs that singularly depict how much money someone could earn or get. There are signs of potential success, but success is not a number. If a person has a chance to be a multi-millionaire through their efforts, they need certain qualities. The five main character traits that need to be evident is drive, determination, passion, energy and intelligence. The number one of these traits is determination. A hand that shows determination also shows energy. Read this article to learn more.

5. What does the letter M mean on my palm?

Almost everyone has lines on their palm that form similar to the letter M. For hand analysts, any letter formations by the lines have no significance in real palmistry. The main lines on the palm often cross or meet, and it is just a coincidence if they form a letter M. Articles on the web that promote so-called gift signs are just clickbait to draw traffic to their site. More of this subject in my article here.

6. Which hand to read for a male or female?

The non-dominant hand defines what is mostly happening on an inner level (subconscious) or what is potential. It shows what we feel we could be doing or should be doing. Some palmists believe that you should read the female on the left, and others say to read the male left hand. It depends on whether you are from the east or the west as to what you believe. I read the history from the non-dominant hand, and what the person feels or has been through. But both sides can depict past events due to timing on the lines. Remember that the lines on both hands only really tell about what has happened until now, and what might be the outcome. You can read more about it here.

7. Why do I have so many lines?

A hand with many lines is formed primarily due to the fine-textured skin. If you imagine the lines as energy, many lines show scattered energy. This type of person is quite responsive to people and their surroundings and experience every situation in some way. They can be sensitive or highly strung, frequently suffering from worry or confusion, which is why finding ways to release emotional energy can be helpful. You can read more about too many lines here.

8. Why do I get different meanings for lines?

There are many reasons that hand analysts give different meanings for the lines. One is that not everyone studies palmistry in the same region. For instance, Indian palm reading is different from western. The lines might also vary in meaning depending on the age of the person. A young person will have lines that are more likely to change. Some lines, like the line of Mercury, is also a health line. If it is long and reaches to beneath the little finger, it can depict interest in a business. However, if it’s short or multiplied, it can point to health matters. The main reason lines have different meanings: they rely on what other indicators are on the palm, the location, the size, and the quality of the line.

9. Why do I have a career line, but I don’t have a job?

The career line is also a fate line, and it doesn’t only speak about the career. The line represents your direction in life and whether or not it is steady. The lines form when your thoughts run along the same path. Therefore a steady career line can also mean that you don’t divert much from your chosen direction.

10. If I have a success line, does it mean I will become successful?

The success line is not present on all hands, but it often appears on those who intend to become successful. However, success is not the same for all people. Some people only want a comfortable life, and that means success to them. The line on its own does not represent success. For the most part, this line appears on those who have a creative streak or are popular with the general public. It signifies satisfaction and supports the fate line if a career is prominent.

11. Can you see how many children I will have?

The palms do have what’s called children lines. Both men and women can have children lines even though men don’t give birth. It is more common nowadays to call them fertility lines. Hand analysts observe these by looking at the quality of the lines and whether they are present at all. These lines ideally should be fine and distinct without blurry edges, scars or dry skin. With the latter, it could indicate problems regarding conception. Children lines are not a reliable way to see how many children someone will have, so the straight answer is no. You can read more about the children lines in this article.

12. Can you know your life mission from a palm reading?

You might be surprised to learn that you can use your fingerprints to help with your life’s mission or life purpose. Because the lines can change on your palm, but the fingerprints never change, we can use the patterns more reliably. Personality studies have come up with categories for various fingerprint types. It is through these innate traits that we can assume a life mission ‘theme’. You cannot know the ‘exact’ mission in life, but there are clues to the direction you should lead. If you like, read more about life purpose from the fingerprints here.

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