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Hand Shape – Which One Matches Yours?

water shaped hand

Which Hand Shape fits Your Character?

Each of us has unique hand features; your hand shape reveals your innate character. In palmistry, it is crucial to know these basic shapes to analyse the other features accurately. The energy we use can be seen in various hand areas, and we can do so by visually dividing it into four parts; mind, body, conscious and subconscious. The left and right sides, and the top and bottom. If these regions are relatively equal in size and weight, it shows a balance of the psyche and general approach to life.

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water shaped hand

The Hand Shape as a Whole

One of the standard methods for assessing the hand’s form is using the four astrological elements. They are water, fire, earth and air. This system uses the size and length of the fingers and palm.

It does not mean that the person has the same astrological sign but indicates the personality type is like the related elements. These elements represent the practical type, feeling, thinking and intuitive type. It helps to understand these groups if you already have some knowledge of astrology. Very often, there is a mixture of these factors. If so, a combination of the qualities forms an understanding. Note: It is possible to belong to more than one category. If so, read the summary for both shapes.

Earth Hand 1 and 2

(1 & 2) The Earth hand shape has a square palm and short fingers. The fingers are usually stiff and thick with rounded tips. There are typically only a few thick lines, rarely any minor lines.

fat palm
(Thick) earth hand.

(1 & 2) The earth-shaped hand can be plump or it can be slim. Each has a slightly different meaning. The heavy or thick one shows less patience than a slim one, but it depicts pride. A large, thick and full earth hand (if with hard flesh or skin) belongs to the typical farmer, fisherman and truck driver type. If plump and soft, it will be on someone who likes the comforts of indoors. The small hand is more energetic and practical, belonging to the creative and business-minded folk. This type of hand generally depicts common sense; they are very level-headed individuals. If you need a good organiser who gets things done, look no further than someone with an earth-shaped hand.

Fire Hand Shape

(3) The fire-shaped hand, with its extended palm, has fingers relatively shorter. The palm is often unblemished, with broad lines. These people are mostly the extroverted type with a charismatic, energetic, impulsive, adventurous, fun-loving and intense personalities, physically and mentally. They easily inspire others enthusiastically and always look for a challenge, making a natural leader, organiser or sportspersons.

With a quick mind, they like to get into competitive activities, sports or games. On the downside, they are restless folk and can instantly become bored or impatient. You must reach the point quickly when presenting your ideas to them because they already have their own opinion of the matter. They may overindulge in food and drink and not sleep enough, making them accident-prone. Look to the fingertip shape for more clues.

Water Hand

long fingers

(4) The water type has extended palms and long fingers; the hand regularly appears narrow overall. The fingers are lean with conic or pointed tips. The hands feel soft and kind of damp. Frequently, many fine lines are all over the palm, showing someone sensitive, intuitive and dreamy. This type of hand depicts beauty.

The more lines there are, the more it suggests poor concentration and a highly strung nature. Mental instability and depression are common issues with the hand full of lines. However, they can be incredibly imaginative, creative and compassionate. Many are attracted to the arts (modelling, fashion, singing, acting, etc.). Also, healing professions or counselling. The long fingers show their patience and eye for detail but can be unworldly or impractical. Especially so if with pointed fingertips.

Air Hand Shape

air hand shape,

(5) The air hand has a square palm with noticeably long fingers. The lines are clear but more delicate than the ones on the earth hand. The square shape of the palm gives practical, realistic and down-to-earth qualities, and the long fingers show the thinking person.

The long fingers depict someone who is mentally active rather than physically. They are logical, intelligent, patient and analytical (with a love of detail). They like to think things through themselves and are very inquisitive and eager to learn. Hence, make good students. They prefer to keep busy mentally with thoughts and ideas with constant variety and change. Musicians and even entrepreneurs often have this type of hand.

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