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Marriage Line in Palmistry How to read it?

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The marriage line, also known as a relationship line, affection, union, a line of commitment or line of attachment. In the old palmistry, they predicted the number of times a person would marry. Many palmists still do follow that rule. However, my experience has shown that predicting marriage is not as reliable as we would like.

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Some individuals’ hands will reveal every line of every brief affair. Others who have married more than once have only one relationship line (or even none). Some lines show brief affairs, and other lines reveal deep bonds. Therefore, it makes sense that these lines represent the potential time of true love.

To find a marriage line on the palm, look on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. The usual meaning is that a distinct horizontal line shows a long-term relationship (not necessarily marriage). The fine and shorter ones are insignificant or less worthy unions. 

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If you do read the marriage line, it is wise to use other indicators on the hand, such as influence lines and parallel lines on the life line to confirm changes. Unfortunately, though, we still cannot forecast how many times a person will marry, if ever. The term ‘lines of affection’ are probably more appropriate nowadays. Below I have described the traditional meanings of the marriage line.


Light and short mainly depicts a casual or short-term relationship. They show that the subject might not yet be in love or have a mature love. However, this line can still denote a significant soul mate or even long-term marriage. I have seen short lines where there was a long-standing marriage. It may be that the ‘love’ phase of the marriage is not as long as the marriage itself.

A very long marriage line

The length of the line shows how long the affection lasts, not how long the relationship lasts. Therefore, a long and well-etched line shows deep and lasting affection. However, if the line is so long that it crosses over the mount of Mercury and Apollo, it then tells more about the nature of the person, not about marriage. It is much like having a second heart line or a long Girdle of Venus, showing their passions are very close to the surface. Both give more sensitivity to the character.


If a person only has one relationship line, it does not automatically mean they have one life partner, but ideally, that is how they would prefer it. The single line represents more of the attitude of the person, that being loyal and committed to one person at a time. If long and thick, it shows searching for the ‘right’ partner, a soul mate. In various examples, the long thick line has represented a soul connection with one life companion. If they do happen to marry again, they will want to keep that same outlook with the new partner.


With two lines, it makes sense that a person will commit to a relationship more than once, most people have more than one soul mate. Look to the heart line for breaks or branches that droop towards the head line. The breaks on the heart line show restriction in the ability to feel; the emotional renewal is when the line continues. (Keep reading to learn about marks on the line and timing).


Not all relationship lines are free of flaws, but the clearer and straighter the line, the fewer problems there will be within the union. However, don’t be disheartened if you do see a flawed line here because almost all relationships have their ups and downs. Also, don’t forget these lines can and do change over time.

On some occasions where this line appears blurry or scarred, it can represent problems with fertility or surgery around the productive system. Look for verification from the rascettes on the wrist; these lines are likely to be also marked. Like other stress signs on the hands, resolved problems will have the lines return to normal.


A forked formation at the start of the line shows a problematic beginning to the union. It may be that the couple could not easily get together, due to location. Some palm readers say that it symbolizes soul mates coming together. If the fork is at the end of the line, it shows the relationship ending in an awkward way. If the fork is large, it can suggest the union can go either way, depending on the circumstance.


Many arranged marriages turn out to be a love relationship if the two couples fall in love. However, in general, if the short and thin line is on the left hand, it can suggest an arranged marriage or one of convenience (such as for financial gain). It can also signify that the partner is dominant in the relationship. See if there are other markings that suggest happiness, such as the Success line.

If there are many short lines, it shows briefer, but no less valuable unions that teach us helpful life lessons. For some people, the presence of many lines here means only casual partners or affairs. When looking at the fingers, a long or well-developed index finger depicts a determined, confident and ambitious nature. If this finger also has a whorl fingerprint, then the individual is likely to be headstrong; hence, love marriage is possible. This type, together with a long heart line, will want to find love for themselves.

Someone with a long pinkie (reaches at least to the top crease of the ring finger), is expected to have a love marriage. However, if the middle finger is longer than average, the person might not want to marry at all. An overly short middle finger can depict a risk-taker. Therefore they are probable candidates for love marriage.


When will I get married? Probably the second most popular question I have been asked and perhaps one of the hardest to answer. Whether only one line is present or more, the timing needs to be verified (approximately) from the influence lines using the fate line, if there are any present. Unfortunately, though, not all hands will have these lines for confirmation, especially if the skin is coarse and sparsely lined. Finding validation from parallel lines along the life line is another option, using the timing to estimate the age. (See timing diagram below).

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The various ages at which people marry (yet have one line in the same position) goes to show that whatever the age the relationship began, the outlook of the individual is evident here.

As a general guide, if the line falls below the middle section of the mount, the union is expected to be at a younger age. The higher the line on the mount, the later the marriage is likely to occur.

The length of the line shows how long the affection lasts, not how long the relationship lasts. Therefore, a long and well-etched line shows deep and lasting affection, regardless of whether there’s a marriage.

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