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Success Line and Timing Your Potential Fame

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What is the Success Line

The success line, in palmistry, is also known as the line of Apollo, line of sun or creativity is a vertical line which usually rises from the upper areas of the Mount of Moon. It is not a complete line on all hands and is more typically found only in segments. When someone has the success line on the palm, it signifies the sense of achievement and satisfaction that a person feels in their life. It is not a guaranteed mark of success in general.

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The reason why it was originally named the line of Apollo, is that in legend, Apollo was the name granted to the sun god who ruled over creativity, music, and the arts; that is why the line is more prominent on those who are using their creative talent positively. (So, don’t be disheartened if you do not have this line).

Keep in mind that the lines on your palm can change over time; therefore, what is evident in your hands now, does not imply a fixed quality or event. When using the lines for prediction, gather information from the past trials that have led the person to be where they are now. Any lines or markings that represent the future are just assumptions. They show what is potential for the subject based on past actions, whether negative or positive.

The Length of the Success Line

The longer this line, the more it shows talent to express creativity, personal fulfilment or merely the capacity to enjoy life. It is not a guarantee of fame and fortune, but it does bring a certain amount of luck into the individual’s life. It shows that there is potential for accomplishing a great deal. In some cases, this line rises from inside the life line; it is then referred to as an inheritance line, suggesting money or property acquired from the family’s estate.

Success line, fate line, destiny
  1. A line that begins from the line of life shows family influence or help in achieving success. Rising from the head line depicts achievement around the age of 35.
  2. Crossbars along the success line below the heart line show obstacles around the age of 35-40. However, if the line continues, then the obstacle is temporary, most likely financial.
  3. A success line that begins at the heart line points to a gain, victory, happiness or even fame around age 50.
  4. When the line changes its angle or direction, it shows a change in the career or life goals. In this case, around age 55.
  5. A line that reaches the ring finger shows a continuation of the achievement into old age.
  6. The fate line shows a change in career or goals around the age of 50.
  7. The fate line forks, depicting the potential for two income sources by around the age of 60.

More than one line?

Having more than one line is not uncommon, especially when an individual has many interests, each line can represent a different area of activity. A secondary line rising from the success line would indicate that achievement branched from one endeavour to another, as an example, a successful artist who writes a book about his art and the writing also becomes a success.

multiple success lines
  1. The success line begins around the age of 35 as a single line.
  2. A second line forms parallel to the original line, which can depict a supporting business partner.
  3. A third line towards the end of the line might suggest another enterprise or project in the later years.

Sometimes parallel lines along the line can refer to another person, particularly family relationships, such as a partner, one or both parents, son or daughter. I have found this to be true when the two parallel lines are very high on the mount reaching the finger of Apollo (ring finger) or between the finger of Saturn (middle finger) and Apollo. In such a case, it refers to living with a family member at old age. If joined lines, they represent a married couple. Markings on the line relate to obstacles or difficulties in achieving success.

Marks on the success line.

A clear star can be a mark of fame (good or bad fame). It can denote social attainment and wealth. But, the person may have to work hard and take risks to get there. Staying grounded is advised or else, general happiness might be affected. A square mark is a protective sign, usually from reputation or social influence. A cross, however, might be a risk of losing reputation. Be careful with judging crossing lines as many times it is simply parts of the girdle of Venus.

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