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Success Line Marks and Meanings in Palmistry

success line marks, apollo line mark meaning, island on success line, fuzzy success line

Success Line (Apollo line) Marks and What They Mean The Success line marks that can appear need careful analysis because sometimes they are not what they seem. The success line, also known as the line…

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Hands of a Millionaire in Palmistry

hands of a millionaire, signs of money luck

Do You Have Signs of the Hands of a Millionaire? After looking at many hands of wealthy people, (especially the self-made ones), I’ve noticed many things in common in the hands of a millionaire. The…

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Apollo Line that Shows a Gifted Person

money and travel signs, apollo line, success lines, multiple success lines

The Apollo Line on the Palm Can Show Talent The Apollo line in palmistry is also known as the line of the Sun. Traditionally it suggests success and public acclaim, hence why it’s also known…

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Success Line and Timing Your Potential Fame

free palm reading, Success line, fate line, destiny

What is the Success Line The success line, in palmistry, is also known as the line of Apollo, line of sun or creativity is a vertical line which usually rises from the upper areas of…

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Apollo Mount and Sun lines Meaning on the Palm

apollo mount, areas of the hand, palm reading guide, e-book palmistry

Apollo Mount and Sun lines (also named the line of Apollo or success line) The Apollo mount is a palmistry term referring to the padded area under the ring finger. The sun line is the…

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Signs of Success in Your Hands and Palm Lines

palmistry, signs of success

When looking for signs of success in your hands, the first thing to analyse is the shape of the hand. Ideally, it is a ‘practical’ hand, the working hand, which has a square or squarish…

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