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Cross on the Heart Line and Other Marks

cross on the heart line, marks on the heart line

Palm line marks and meanings The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line on the palm; in palmistry, it represents how a person expresses their feelings and their attitudes towards relationships. In this article, you…

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Success Line Marks and Meanings in Palmistry

success line marks, apollo line mark meaning, island on success line, fuzzy success line

Success Line (Apollo line) Marks and What They Mean The Success line marks that can appear need careful analysis because sometimes they are not what they seem. The success line, also known as the line…

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Head Line Markings in Palmistry

markings on the head line, cross on head line, island on head line, chained head line

If you are practising palmistry, you might be interested in learning about some head line markings. The head line commences from the space in between the Index finger and thumb and usually runs horizontally at…

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