Your Destiny Palmistry

Hand analysis and readings for prediction

Do you have questions about your life such as:

  • How do I decide what is my ideal career field?
  • Why do I struggle with motivation so much?
  • What will it take to be successful?
  • How can I improve my chances for relationships?

Discovering not only your destiny and character traits, but also potential obstacles which you may not be aware of and opening your eyes to your future. Your hands can reveal what you need to know to follow your true path in life.

My personal approach to palm readings uses the knowledge based the information gathered through the hand features as well as the lines on the palms. There is a great variation in the way the hands, fingers and lines are formed revealing our uniqueness and just what makes this subject so interesting.

Looking for success in a career or relationship? In a full palm reading I will reveal the secrets your hands hold which may be the reasons you have not succeeded.

What I look for in a full reading:

  • Answers to your questions
  • Natural talents
  • Career and motivation
  • Soul and life purpose
  • Life lessons and potential obstacles
  • What it will take to be successful
  • Relationship compatibility
  • Health and warning signs
  • Character traits and more…

If you’re uncertain about a full reading, a trial reading can give you a glimpse into what your personalized reading can reveal. But a thorough reading of the hands can show individual potential not only for career but in overall life purpose. A persons character and the reasons behind their behaviour can be seen from the hands because the palms reflect the thoughts and motivations of the human mind.

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BOOK – Claim Your Power – Succeed at everything you do, with little effort.

We all have the power to succeed in what we want in our life. This book is about discovering your full potential and tapping into the power of your mind to bring about positive changes to succeed in everything you want. The many problems we face can be resolved one step at a time, starting with only one minute a day.
Money problems? Turn what you love to do into cash with the starters guide.
Weight problems? Three important things you need to know.

People have many questions that they want answered in their life, when will I marry? Will I become rich? What kind of career suits me? These are all questions everyone should be able to answer themselves. I have a secret my mother told me, actually it’s no secret and she doesn’t even know what it is, but it’s so amazingly simple, I still can’t believe it. I use this to get through almost every obstacle that has come across my way. When you get to understand it, you will too.With this simple daily exercise, you can bring the changes you want into your life easily. Learn to become your own psychic, helping with decision making and getting inspiration and motivation in your life.

What about fear? “Fear is only in your mind, it’s a thought, and it can be an obstacle and a reason why we fail at something. Many of our decisions in life are based on fear. We can do things because of the fear of the consequences if we don’t do it. If we are angry, it may be because of a hidden fear. If we have failure in our lives, fear may have prevented us from taking the steps needed for success. The more you focus on the life you want without fear, the faster you’ll get it. If your focus is on the obstacle, or the thing you fear, you will get a block and you won’t be able to move ahead. It’s good to acknowledge your fear but remember to visualize your goal, even if you feel as if everything is against you that is even more reason to stay focused.”

By Sari Puhakka from ‘Claim Your Power’ and succeed in everything you do.

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