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Star Mark On the Palm The Real Meaning

star mark on the palm


The Star mark on the palm is one that is difficult to properly not only recognize but also to interpret. The reason that it is so challenging is that people don’t always see things the same way. Palmistry is something that takes the study of not just what others have learned but what you have personally studied. A proper star is not made up by other lines on the palm.

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The star mark on the palm is worth noting even though it doesn’t appear on every hand. Some hand readers call them “gift markings,” which makes you think that having one is a good thing right? Maybe, if it, in fact, is a star? It also depends on where the star is, on a line or on the mount of the palm.

A star mark on the palm will have at least three lines crossing at the same point and not be made up by other minor or major lines and found independently on the palm. (continues below)

star marks on the palm

Meanings of the star mark on the mounts.

While most star markings on the mounts are a welcome sign, they come with a complex connotation. The reason could be due to the challenges in the attainment of high-level success or recognition.

  1. A star mark on the palm mount beneath the index finger (on Jupiter mount) is said to show a sudden rise in fortune and achievement of ambition. It is said to be a symbol of honour and influence and a promising mark for being destined for great things.
  2. A star mark on the palm beneath the ring finger (on Apollo mount) is the mark of fame, wealth and social attainment. However, this person may have to work hard and take risks. Their general happiness can be affected by not staying grounded. This is one star that can have an unfavourable side, and that is if the fame is from criminal acts.
  3. A star on the mount beneath the pinkie (on Mercury mount) is said to be a sign of a sudden rise in a business venture or success in the field of science or speaking. With positive aspects, it depicts someone warm, social, outgoing and optimistic. They like to believe they are honest and usually know how to make money. With negative aspects, the Mercurian is known as the trickster. On the downside, it may increase traits of dishonesty.
  4. A star on the mount beneath the middle finger (on Saturn mount) shows success achieved after a struggle or hard work. The effort may involve problems with legal matters or opposition from rivals. Physical restrictions or confines may also be an obstacle.

Small Star Marks on the Lines

Star marks on any of the lines can point to a sudden problem, like a shock to the system. It is rarely a favourable mark. The only exception is the success line, which can depict sudden fame. Take note, however, the star on its own cannot foretell a specific outcome. You need other indications from the palms to verify the meaning. Check the quality of all the other lines, skin marks, and even fingernail colour.

The basic traditional meanings to the star on a line:

  • On the health line, a star can represent surgery or an illness which comes suddenly.
  • Star on the Apollo line, it is a mark of fame, however, it doesn’t depict whether the fame is good or bad.
  • The fate line, a star relates to finances, career or restrictions (confinement).
  • On the life line, the star can be an accident or any incident that becomes a problem.
  • On the head line, the star can be mental shock or a head injury.
  • The heart line relates to the heart and the emotions, so a star can be a loss or problems with the heart.

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