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Short Life Line in Palmistry, the Interesting meaning.

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Short Life Line in Meaning Palmistry

Do you have a short life line on your palm? The short life line in palmistry is quite interesting indeed and is the most talked-about line on the hand. Today I want to continue to discuss the length of this line and other exciting features it can have. It is an interesting line because it is the first line a person typically looks at on the palm. This line is also frequently the most prominent line on the palm as it arcs around the mount of Venus (the thumb ball), reaching somewhere near the wrist. (Unless it’s short!)

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Examining this line is essential in getting confirmation and timing of events. The timing is done through the markings along the line. The line can grow, alter, shift or even fade as circumstances transform over time. When the line is short, however, it seems that it’s not possible to confirm anything from it. In such cases, the fate line takes over the timing of the short life line.


The start of the life line does not always commence at the same position, occasionally starting close to the thumb and other times as high as the Mount of Jupiter. If it sits high, it shows an ambitious and confident nature. Occasionally it can begin joined with the head line and appear like a branch from it, which means a much more insecure yet family orientated spirit. These types show a good deal less confidence compared to those with a separate line from the head line. The closer it is to the thumb, the less energy and enthusiasm there is for life.

The life line represents life consistency

I would like to mention that a short line does not mean a short life. The length and prominence of the line refer to the quality of life, the constitution, family roots, security and the get-up-and-go of the individual. A long steady line shows vitality, routine, stability, motivation and someone who perhaps does not need to depend on anyone or anything. Their nature, goals and motivations are consistent.

The short line is common in the hands of those who don’t specifically follow family traditions. It shows a freedom-loving individual who is not so strict on routine. It is as if the path of life is not set, either through circumstance or conscious decision. This attitude might have come from a family that is not settled, or even a broken family (the parents). The person might also be more dependent on others.

Is the line weak?

A short life line can appear ‘weak,’ so for someone with this line, finding a place to settle down and sticking to a routine and setting goals, strengthens a weak life line. The type of work or hobbies you have can also affect the shape and length of the line.

Does the line have breaks or changes?

The way a life line forms, depends on the other lines on the hand as well as the thickness of the mounts. For instance, if you have a deep Simian line with well-developed mounts, the chances are that the life line is short. If you are young and haven’t made yourself set life goals, then your lines are still changing or growing. It can also point to a certain time that a major change occurs in the persons’ life. Look at the length of the line and apply the time scale to potentially suggest the age that which the shift occurs.

broken life line, break in line of life, life line is broken

If you look carefully at the line, you might see fine branching lines around it which connect to the fate line. In most cases of a short life line, the fate line is what takes over the reading. Therefore, life shares the path of fate. The effects of this are most certainly change. Usually, it is someone who becomes more career orientated at that point in their life.


Some life lines curve around enough to reach out towards the mount of Moon (lower ulnar side of palm) so far as to touch the fate line. I have learned that when this occurs, it has a significant meaning around that period indicating a need for change or an event that brings about change, often career or motivations become a current focus.

A line that arches widely towards the mount of Moon depicts an outgoing person with many interests, a love of travel and changes of scenery.

A broad line curving well around the Venus mount shows warmth and affection but is a little more reserved.

A line close to the thumb shows a lack of energy and love; a person who is entirely selfish or cold emotionally, especially if the Venus mount is flat.

What if there’s no life line?

You might not believe it, but I have seen people with no life line at all. Do they still have a healthy and long life? The answer is yes. What about people who have no hands? Can they have a typical length of life? Again, the answer is yes.

Til next time, love and light 🙂

Sari Puhakka

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