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Masculine Hand on a Woman What it Means

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The Masculine hand on a woman.

Before I ever knew much about hand reading, I used to look at my hands and saw that they were rather masculine in their appearance. I compared them with my female friends, who seemed to have feminine hands with soft skin, narrow palms, long fingers and an overall delicate structure. It made me consider what having a masculine hand on a woman means.

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Early in my life, I realised that my hands looked different. It was not until I began to study palmistry that I understood why I did not possess those delicate, womanly hands, which were (in my opinion) not normal for a female. Consequently, I learned that I was not the traditional type.

The basics of hand reading

People inherit many physical features and personality traits from their parents, but we are all unique, and our hands show it. The basic shape of the hand is primarily an essential part of reading the palms because it helps us find the most fundamental character of the person.

The fingers are a huge part because they can show how we express ourselves and how we have developed in the past. We all have distinctive looks; the same goes for our psychological makeup, which is why reading hands can become complicated.

Do Masculine Hands Mean She’s a Tom Boy?

The masculine hand on a woman does not necessarily mean she is more like a man. It does mean, however, that she will have similar traits regarding work ethics, ambitions, and some character aspects. She might not like to wear frills and lace or anything too ladylike, making her uncomfortable.

A masculine hand on a woman shows she is a hard worker who might even use her hands a lot. She likes to do things quickly and does not like to waste time simply daydreaming. The hand is most likely a fire type or an earth type.


The fire-shaped hand has a large palm with short fingers. It is more common in males. But when this shape is on a woman, it can appear masculine. The palm often has few broad lines. These types of people are mostly extroverted. Their personality is charismatic, energetic, impulsive, adventurous, fun-loving and intense, physically and mentally. They easily inspire others with enthusiasm and are always looking for a challenge, making a natural leader, organiser or sportsperson. On the downside, the people with a fire-type hand are restless folk and can get bored quickly.


The earth-shaped hand can be plump or it can be slim. Each has a slightly different meaning. The heavy or thick one shows less patience than a slim one, but it depicts pride. A large, thick and full earth hand (if with hard flesh or skin) belongs to the typical farmer, fisherman and truck driver type. Therefore, it is more common in men. If plump and soft, it will be on someone who likes the comforts of indoors. The small square hand is more energetic and practical, belonging to the creative and business-minded folk. The earth type generally depicts common sense; they are very level-headed individuals. They are capable, reliable, helpful, honest and not afraid of hard work.


The art of analysing hands to examine your character and personality, motivations and desires and how you see the world and live your life. Reading your palms can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your potential future.

You might have an interest in palmistry for personal reasons. Or if you are a professional coach, a therapist, counsellor, or healer. Hand analysis allows you to add additional means to your range of work. You can give your clients more insight and clarity. You could help them find their way and attain their maximum capacity to achieve their goals.

How Palmistry can help you.

What is exciting about this subject is understanding the basics of the character through the hands. Learning about ourselves, as well as others, helps us to get along better with the people in our lives. Recognising these essential features can help not only in finding a suitable life partner but also in business and other partnerships. It is possible to see if a person is open-minded or has the drive and leadership qualities required for their job.

Keep in mind, if trying to predict using palmistry, it is important to remember that one sign alone cannot confirm an outcome. In most cases, not even several indicators can guarantee an event. The combination of elaborate explanations for the many markings on the palms depends on an individual’s life. For example, stress lines on a business person do not have the same meaning as those in an artist.

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