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Small Pinkie What Does it Mean in Palmistry

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How to recognise a small pinkie

The pinkie is usually the smallest finger, and you might not even recognise a small one. In palmistry, a small pinkie is if it fails to reach the top crease of the ring finger. Sometimes, the pinkie is set lower on the palm, which can make it appear short. Sometimes it might be abnormally thin, or curved, also giving it a small appearance.

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You might have a small pinkie and wonder if it has any meaning at all. There is nothing remarkable about the average-sized pinkie. But in my studies, I noticed the difference between an extended pinkie compared to those with a small one.

small pinkie

The Pinkie Shows the Mercurian Traits

The pinkie is known to get its qualities from the astrological meanings of Mercury. It is also often called the Mercury finger. When the pinkie is small, it suggests the under-development of the Mercurian attributes. Mercury represents learning ability, business and confidence, especially in communication and language. If these characteristics are lacking, they will be more evident in the younger years. Many people, as they grow, gradually learn to build and develop these traits. There may also be creative talent if other signs agree.

The Characteristics That Come With a Small Pinkie

A small pinkie, in general, belongs to quiet and shy folk. At the very least, these people prefer a peaceful life away from drama. If the small pinkie is also low set, emotional needs in relationships may be an issue. It can infer a history of deprivation or inadequacy at a young age, whether due to hardship, setbacks or an absent or overly nurturing parent (often the case).

Many people with a small pinkie agree that they had family issues when they were young, especially on the father’s side. If the problem occurred before the hand completed developing (pre-teen years), the pinkie and its’ metacarpals growth were interrupted. The younger the person at the time, the more likely the pinkie will be small or low-set.

Example Cases

In one particular case, a man’s father died when he was only seven. He admitted to me that the event had traumatised him. He thought he had a weird little finger, being small and curved. In another situation, a girl with divorced parents lived with her father. She hardly saw their mother from the age of eight. She has a small and low-set pinkie. Her older brother has the same. They both struggled at school in the early years, especially with language, spelling, etc. Keep in mind that these are individual cases, so not all tiny pinkies give such problems.

The Mercury also represents healing, intimacy and sexual communication. Whatever the early life reason for the small pinkie, this feature’s biggest hindrance is difficulty connecting, verbalising, and naivety in emotional or sexual matters. If with a weak thumb, they may also inadvertently seek a dominant or unsuitable marriage partner.

Palmistry is about character awareness

Character awareness in palmistry is about recognising traits and abilities through the hands at a glance, without necessarily seeing the lines. The essential features of the hand and fingers can give clues about temperament and natural talents. Having this knowledge can affect your choices in life, whether personal or business. You may be wondering what kind of career would suit you, or you may be considering hiring someone for a job that requires natural talent.

Relationships and palmistry?

There are many incredible ways palmistry can improve our lives. An example is when people go into a relationship, they do not know the person. Once they do, they might discover all kinds of clashes. However, a few very simple clues on the hands can help us to see the underlying personality and whether there is compatibility. If not, knowing about it can prevent future issues.

Can you tell if someone is a real, genuine person? Do you know how to tell if a person has a flawed character, such as a petty thief or a perpetual liar?

Imagine meeting someone for the first time, if you knew that they might have past issues that could affect the way they treat other people, you would understand them to a greater degree. If you saw a quality that might not be your ideal, you can decide whether you would like to know them better.

What about work relationships? Do you need confident, ambitious and steady workers in your business? The basics of Palmistry is especially handy if you are an employer looking for a kind of employee. It saves time and money if you choose the right person for the job the first time.

(See a video about finger lengths here.)

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