Small Pinkie is it a Misfortune to Have?

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You might have a small pinkie and wonder if it’s bad luck? (In palmistry terms ‘Mercury finger’) I have noticed that those who do not have small pinkie, seem to be doing better in life, career-wise. But is this true? Other factors need to be included before we can assume, such as the shape of the hand and length of the other fingers.

Here is what I think about the small pinkie:

When the pinkie is small, it suggests under-development of the traits that the finger represents, for instance, business and confidence, especially in communication and language. I’m not referring to someone who is currently doing well as a mature age person, I’m referring to their life as they were growing up, the teenage and early adult years. Maybe even in their later years, if the mark is strong.

Many people with a small pinkie agree that they had family issues when they were young, especially on the father side. If the problem occurred before the hand completed developing, (pre-teen years), strangely the pinkie and its’ metacarpals growth are interrupted. The younger the person at the time, the more likely the pinkie will be low-set.

Examples: One particular case I know the man’s father died when he was only seven. It traumatised him, and now as an adult, he has a small and curved pinkie. In another situation, a girl’s parents were divorced, and the father got custody. She and her brother hardly saw their mother from the age of eight. Now, as an adult, she has a small and low-set pinkie. Her older brother has the same. They both struggled at school in the early years, especially with language and spelling etc. (Not all small pinkies give such problems). Once they reached beyond the teenage years, the complications passed.

Small pinkie and shyness.

A small pinkie in general, belongs to quiet and shy folk. At the very least, they prefer a peaceful life away from drama. If the small pinkie is also low set, emotional needs in relationships may be an issue. It can infer to a history of deprivation or inadequacy at a young age; whether due to hardship, setbacks or an absent or overly nurturing parent (often the case).

Whatever the cause, the biggest obstacle that this feature presents that of difficulty connecting, verbalising and naivety in emotional or sexual matters. If with a weak thumb, they may also inadvertently seek a dominant or unsuitable marriage partner.

Palmistry is about character awareness

Character awareness in palmistry is about recognising traits and abilities through the hands at a glance, without necessarily seeing the lines. The essential features of the hand and fingers can give clues about the temperament and natural talents. Having this knowledge can affect your choices in life, whether personal or business. You may be wondering what kind of career would suit you, or you may be considering hiring someone for a job that requires natural talent.

Relationships and palmistry?

There are many incredible ways palmistry can improve our lives. An example is when people go into a relationship, they do not know the person. Once they do, they might discover all kinds of clashes. However, a few very simple clues on the hands can help us to see the underlying personality and whether there is compatibility. If not, knowing about it can prevent future issues.

Can you tell if someone is a real, genuine person? Do you know how to tell if a person has a flawed character, such as a petty thief or a perpetual liar?

Imagine meeting someone for the first time, if you knew that they might have past issues that could affect the way they treat other people, you would understand them to a greater degree. If you saw a quality that might be not your ideal, you can make your decision about whether you would like to know them better.

What about work relationships? Do you need confident, ambitious and steady workers in your business? The basics of Palmistry is especially handy if you are an employer looking for a kind of employee. It saves time and money if you choose the right person for the job the first time.

(See a video about finger lengths here.)

The Mounts
Finger length and their setting
Crooked or leaning fingers
The thumb and it’s setting
The fingernails

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