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Hands of a Millionaire in Palmistry

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Do You Have the Hands of a Millionaire?

After looking at many hands of wealthy people, (especially the self-made ones) I’ve noticed many things in common in the hands of a millionaire. The four main character traits that need to be strong is drive, determination passion and intelligence. But what are the signs on the hands?

As far as the shape of the hand, it is almost always a ‘practical’ hand, the working hand, which has a square or squarish palm. Somewhat rectangle is common but not too narrow. A long narrow palm belongs to the daydreamer and whilst they can still become a millionaire, it might not be in the way that the practical type does. The square palm gives the person an understanding of how things run, and they are organised. The hand should feel firm, but not hard, with relatively tough skin.

The fingers also show things in common on the hands of a millionaire. Mostly, the fingers are long, especially the pinkie finger. The pinkie is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is the intellect. A long pinkie finger shows someone who has the ability to think clearly and express themselves. It also depicts someone who knows how to handle money. The ability to communicate is one of the best attributes; with a good vocabulary and pure eloquence, they are social, influential and very organised. The long pinkie should reach at least to the top phalange line of the ring finger.

millionaire in palmistry

Good with money?

The long Mercury finger often means that they are naturally good with money and do well in business; as well as politics, science, education, television or radio broadcasting. Writing, entertaining, and music often come naturally. Any subject that requires being able to convey the knowledge or express themselves using words. Excessively long, however, can mean shrewdness and untrustworthiness. The knuckle on this finger is often visible.

Another potential sign of a millionaire comes from the fingertips. Mostly, the top phalanges will be thick, even somewhat puffy compared to the rest of the fingertips. It is a sign of an obsessive personality which seems like the wrong word, maybe focused or enthusiastic is a better term. At least the index and pinkie should have a well-developed top phalange.

The pinkie should not be overly thin. A normal thickness, long pinkie shows someone who may have a keen interest in business or money. These people are perfectionists and potentially very shrewd. If it is a thick pinkie, it may also be the sign of a workaholic.

Thumb length in the hand of a millionaire is a sign of success.

If your thumb length reaches at least halfway to the second crease on the index finger, you have a long thumb. Long thumbs show determination and a will to get things done. A small thumb proves a little more effort is required in most things. A mentor should be a requirement if you have a small thumb and want to be a millionaire. The tip of the thumb will have a slight kink backwards and might be somewhat flat but square-ish front on. An overly bulbous tip will give more aggressive traits. The thumb is ideally low-set.

The ring finger should be a little longer than the index finger which shows some masculine qualities and a risk-taking personality. The fingernails should be well-formed, not too small and preferably square looking. There should be at least one ‘whorl‘ fingerprint, preferably on the thumb.

Watch my Youtube video about the thumb lengths here.

signs of a millionaire in palms

Which lines on the palm to look for?

One important line is a rising line of Apollo. Apollo on the hand is the area of the ring finger and the mount just beneath it. A vertical line which begins low on the palm should clearly and distinctly rise into the mount of Apollo. It may also rise from the head line or the heart line.

This line beneath the ring finger represents the arts, including fame and fortune. For this Apollo line (success line) to show achievement, there must be a reasonably clear-cut and continuous line that has a sharp definition. Two of these lines are very auspicious of a wealthy person. (Text continues below).

The hands of a millionaire often show the fate line (line of Saturn) and it is almost always present very clearly, in many cases, there are two fate lines. The fate line rises towards the middle finger. A line rising to the little finger from the heart line is a business line and it too should be clearly etched.

What if you do not have an Apollo or Fate line?

If you have a talent and are good at what you do in the arts, a lack of Apollo or fate line does not mean you cannot be successful and famous. It may be that you have no expectation of your works, or in some cases, you do not fully appreciate your gift. Of course, as with all indicators on the palms, you need to compare the factors before making a conclusion. Watch my Youtube video about the Apollo success line here.

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