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Sympathy Line and Worry Lines on the Palm

The Sympathy Line on the Palm

What is a sympathy line? Where is it? Are there variations to it? Read on for some very important tips about these lines, including the worry lines. (excerpt from the new “Life and Destiny Palmistry”).

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A sympathy line can be a ‘floating line’ or it can commence from the edge of the palm or life line. It is found below the index finger, slanting across the Mount of Jupiter. If the line reaches the base of the Saturn finger, it is actually a worry or trauma line. Mistaking the sympathy line for a ring of Solomon is easy to do; however, the meaning is almost the same.

sympathy line and trauma lines
  1. Sympathy lines
  2. Worry / Stress / Trauma lines

The meaning of the Sympathy Line

A Sympathy line is said to show a compassionate and understanding nature, just like the name suggests. However, other features need considering before coming to a conclusion. (see below for more about that). This line expresses the reluctance some people have to share their unpleasant feelings, to tell others about their worries and weaknesses. In my opinion, the sympathy line is a partial ring of Solomon.

These types of people prefer to keep their worries to themselves. In a way, it shows pride, or simply the feeling that ‘a worry shared is a worry multiplied’. Most people who run into difficulties or feel uncomfortable about something will quickly need to air their fears or pain or share their sorrow. But not those with a sympathy line, they are much too private to bother other people with their concerns.

It is because of their refusal to point out their anguish, that they are sympathetic and compassionate. Because they never bother anyone with their troubles, they make good listeners. (Other important features are below).

The other feature to consider with a Sympathy line.

The shape of the hand tells someone’s readiness to care for others. The shape that fits best is the practical hand. A practical hand is large, it has a squarish palm with normal-length (rather knobbly) fingers. The thumb will bend backwards and have a narrow waist over its central phalange. The little finger will have a slight inward curve toward the ring finger.  Note: A small and dainty hand might tell you how concerned they are, however when it comes to the crunch, they will probably leave things for someone else to do.

The head line will be quite long and slightly sloping (not too deep). Often the head line has a fork at its end, showing broad-minded sympathy for all sorts of people. The line may also branch upwards towards the heart line, showing a more emotional, rather than practical involvement.

The heart line will be long, curved and clearly etched. Its endpoint might have a fork, high on the mount of Jupiter and between the first and second finger. There may be a strong branch from the heart line to the Head Line, depicting their common sense and practicality. (Variations of the line below)

Worry lines

A worry line though is not the same. If you happen to find worry and stress lines on your palm, it’s a typical marking, almost everyone has them. Worry lines do not usually cause any obstacles; instead, they show the person’s nature as a worrier. Sometimes the line is very long and crosses over others, that’s when we can see where the worry might come from. For instance, if it reaches the heart line, it concerns emotions.

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Worry Lines or Trauma Lines

If these worry lines rise from the beginning section of the life line and reach the bottom of the middle finger (Saturn), it suggests a childhood worry, stress, disturbance or trauma. They depict events that had a profound effect on the psyche. These events might not have been anything bad. Saturn is about duty and obligation, so they could also be seen as the lines of responsibility.

An example might be when a person had many responsibilities in their early years. Like the child who was required to look after the younger siblings. The trauma line is often fragmented, blurry or faint in its appearance, therefore it may not be a permanent mark. This is another line that is often mistaken for a ring of Solomon.

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