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Spinster Line or Ring of Mercury Meanings

spinster line, ring of mercury, bachelor line, widow line palmistry

The meaning of a spinster line The word spinster line makes you wonder if it’s considered a bad thing to have. This line lies beneath the little finger as a curved horizontal line, ending between…

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Healing Lines and Their Meaning in Palmistry

healing lines, children lines, child line on palm, medical stigmata lines, best palm reader in the world

Healing lines and their true meaning The healing lines, which are also known to be called ‘Medical Stigmata’ lines, are on the mount of Mercury (the padded area under the pinkie). There are usually three…

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Hands of a Millionaire in Palmistry

hands of a millionaire, signs of money luck

Do You Have Signs of the Hands of a Millionaire? After looking at many hands of wealthy people, (especially the self-made ones), I’ve noticed many things in common in the hands of a millionaire. The…

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Curved Pinkie Meaning in Palmistry

curved pinkie

In this article, I talk about the relevance of the curved pinkie because of its significance in palmistry. Much like the thumb, it gives away clues to the persons confidence and how they communicate. However,…

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Mercury Line Health Meanings in Palmistry

mercury line, line of health, health line, liver line,

Mercury Line Can Show Your State of Health The Mercury line, also called a health line or line of the liver describes a person’s overall health status. It usually starts on the Mount of Moon…

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