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Curved Pinkie Meaning in Palmistry

curved pinkie

In this article, I talk about the relevance of the curved pinkie because of its significance in palmistry. Much like the thumb, it gives away clues to the persons confidence and how they communicate. However, not all pinkies are curved from birth, and some develop the shape during the growing years.

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If the pinkie is curved from birth, it relates to the character type. A pinkie that has gradually formed a curve tells us about the history of the person. It’s important to know what the pinkie stands for to understand its curvature.

Even the slightest curve can make a difference. Sometimes it is easier to identify a bend in a finger if you look at the back of the hand. Often the pinkie is only slightly bent towards the ring finger. Even more commonly, it is only curved at the very tip.

bent pinkie meaning

The pinkie gets its qualities from the astrological house of Mercury.

To understand the curved pinkie, it’s important to know what the finger represents in palmistry. The other term for the pinkie is the Mercury finger. In astrology, Mercury has certain qualities which we also use in palmistry.

The Mercurian qualities we see from the pinkie are:

  • Communication and confidence.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Intellectual capacity and thought processes.
  • Mind and Learning ability.
  • The nerves.
  • Honesty, sarcasm, wit.
  • Sexuality.
  • Healing and health.

The Bent or Curved Pinkie Meanings

A curved pinkie, or any finger, in general, demonstrate a moderate amount of variance to the qualities that the finger represents. What that means is that if the finger is different in its weight, size or shape, the qualities follow suit.

Sometimes the finger is naturally held in a way that it leans towards or away from another finger (but is straight); it describes what is current now rather than a long-term matter. So if the pinkie juts out, away from the others, it shows someone independent, or that they are a bit eccentric. The meaning is not the same for the curved pinkie.

If the pinkie was not always bent (from birth).

If the pinkie wasn’t curved from birth and gradually took its shape over the past years, it tells of the person’s history. This history is usually not ideal. There may have been insecurity and nervousness, but mainly family problems, such as an abusive or absent father or mother. During their developing years, they may have experienced anger, arguments, yelling or generally upsetting circumstances at home. In many cases throughout my study, the person with the gradually curved pinkie had a separated family.

The characteristics that come with a curved pinkie

The pinkie (Mercury) finger tells how we communicate, so when it gently curves towards the Apollo finger, it is gaining strength from it. It indicates a higher level of shrewdness, alertness, and tact. These people often have an awareness of others and a natural ability to communicate diplomatically.

These people also make persuasive salespeople, probably due to their charm and ability to convince people to their side. This persuasiveness can sometimes mean bending the truth. However, I would not go so far as to suggest the person is a liar, but they certainly have such skill in diplomacy that if they did lie, they could do it quite well.

If someone was born with the curved pinkie, the characteristics above are more pronounced.

When the finger leans backwards, it shows a lack of interest in things such as learning and study. Curling inward is a sign of a need to hang to things, like ideas, attitudes. However, it can also be one of the signs of issues such as alcoholism.

A curved pinkie together with a short middle finger

With a short middle (Saturn) finger, decision making is not their best trait, so there may be a tendency not to take responsibility. Sometimes it signifies the pilferer, and they will take something (steal it) if an opportunity arises.

tip of the pinkie bent

More meanings about the curved pinkie

  • With only a slightly curved tip on an adult, can indicate difficulties in feelings of sexual (satisfaction) or intimacy that come from past experiences. If all three phalanges appear to kink in opposite directions, like an s shape, it is recognised as mild (or pockets) of autism.
  • A sharp kink at the tip and a curve of this finger can imply some history of emotional abuse or trauma. For instance, when there has been a separation between the parents and the child suffered loss or sadness.
  • If the pinkie bends or leans away from Apollo finger, it reveals a hint of eccentricity. Another meaning is one who does not like to follow trends. They are assertive and independent.
  • If the finger naturally held away from Apollo, they could have some current issues or worry about emotional or sexual matters.

More meanings about the pinkie size and shape


A long pinkie shows someone who can easily express themselves. These people’s ability to communicate is one of their best attributes. They often have a good vocabulary, and they are social, influential and very organised. It also means that they are naturally good with money and do well in business and politics, science, education, television, or radio broadcasting. Writing, entertaining, and music often come naturally. Any subject that requires being able to convey their knowledge or express themselves using words.


The small pinkie suggests the opposite qualities of a long one. These people tend to be shy and find it difficult to express what they want to say. It might be something like regularly becoming tongue-tied, and then only to realise after the fact what things they could have said. However, shyness does not affect their ego, and they often have a high opinion of themselves. Getting easily embarrassed can be their downfall, so speaking eloquently in public does not come naturally to them. Usually, they avoid these types of situations altogether.


A thick pinkie is rare. However, if it appears thicker compared to a regular one, or just abnormally large, it shows someone who may be rather talkative with a keen interest in business or money. These people are perfectionists and potentially very shrewd. It may also be a sign of a workaholic.


The pinkie is typically slightly smaller, but if there is abnormal thinness, it suggests repression of the mental or emotional growth of the individual. Often, this manifests as learning disabilities, mental disorders, compulsive behaviour, phobias, and extreme shyness. In some cases, there is a history of feelings of guilt, anger, shame and unworthiness. With these qualities, often the thumb is also short and thin.

With a combination of a small, slim pinkie and thumb, it is a sure mark of a lack of tenacity. These traits may have come from trauma, mistreatment, or neglect at a young age. In the worst-case scenario, unwanted sexual advances or molestation.

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