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Broken Heart Line or Chained and Marked Line

broken heart line


If you understand a little about palmistry, you might know that not everyone has the same heart line type. The heart line is the upper transverse crease. Typically, the heart line begins on the side of the palm on the pinkie side. It stretches horizontally to somewhere around beneath the middle or index finger. However, this line appears very different in some people, like when it’s a broken heart line in one or more places.

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A heart line in palmistry shows how we feel or shows our emotions. It also depicts how sentimental we are (or aren’t). A smooth and long curved line would suggest an effortless and unchanging way of emotional thinking. Think about this line as energy flow. If broken, the flow of feeling has changed or can change. (See types of heart line here).

A broken heart line can manifest in difficulties expressing feelings or someone who is subject to mood swings or emotional stress. There may be a period in their life when there is a significant change such as a broken relationship. These people might often feel like they are not emotionally connected and feel phases of unattachment. 

broken heart line

Where is the heart line broken?

Sometimes the meaning of a broken heart line can change depending on where the break is on the line. On a few occasions, I have seen the break at the start of the line near under the pinkie. If at the start, it can represent an early upset in life, such as losing a parent at a young age. By young, I mean up to the age of 21 or so (approximate).

If the break is in the middle of the line, it can still represent a period of hurt or emotional confusion. But mainly, it shows a disconnection on the emotional side. I mean that the person might have strong feelings one minute, and the next, they feel different (or disconnected).

A broken line at the end can depict the change of feelings or the way the person handles their relationships; their relationship style. For example, they might have previously been hopeless romantic, but not anymore.


A string of small islands throughout shows a moody, changeable and hypersensitive nature. Sometimes the chained look is brought about by mineral deficiencies in the diet. Look carefully at the other lines on the palm to see if they are all chained in appearance. If so, there may be some mental disturbance or disability issues.

The chained heart line shows a nervous disposition emotionally. It can also be one of the signs of depression; look at the head line for breaks, islands or one that dips all the way down to the Mount of Moon.

If the chained appearance is only on the part of the line, it can represent a period of indecisiveness about their feelings. Some see the chained line as a sign of a fickle flirtatious or unfaithful lover. A heavily chained line can suggest actual heart problems.

broken heart line


Rising branches reflect idealistic and happy experiences and a keen interest in the opposite sex. Drooping branches show insecurity or disappointments, poor quality relationships or losses.

If there are drooping lines along its entire length, it can indicate a sense of failure or negative thinking with regards to relationships or the fact that they may be restless or hypersensitive, possibly even prone to depression.


A fork at the end of the heart line, with the lower section touching the head line, the individual prefers everything to run smoothly and avoid confrontations whenever possible. If a part of the heart line touches the life line, like a branch or line connecting the two, it can be due to a secure connection with the parents.

In some situations, where the family was not close, this connecting line can be a yearning for closeness. Someone with this type of line may need much emotional support. If a branch from the Heart line reaches past the life line, into the Mount of Mars, it suggests a  loss of a relationship.


The thicker end of a line is its starting point. The branch lines almost always taper at the end. See example – One and two are dropping lines, three and four are rising.


A star mark would suggest an emotional upset or shock.

Bar lines depict obstacles in unions or restlessness.

A cross is also an obstacle but for a more extended period than the bar line.

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