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Letter M on the Palm and Money Triangles

letter m on the palm, triangle mark, money triangle, great triangle

The Letter M on the palm has meaning, but it’s not what you think!

There are many explanations about the letter M on the palm. However, many of them are not credible. The confusing thing is that most people do not understand palmistry. People, in general, see it as simply fortune-telling, which is due to the type of information available online.

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The coincidental letters formed by lines do not have any significance in real palmistry. If you believe the lines form the letter m on your palm, you’re observant and keen to learn about the lines. However, it is the lines that form the letter formation that is important.

What does the letter m on the palm stand for?

Hoax clickbait palmistry sites on the web will tell you that the M is a gift sign of someone who will make money in their life. However, if you know anything about real palmistry, you will know that it is a false belief. Almost everyone has an M on their palm, whether perfectly formed or not. It is simply a coincidental clashing of the main lines on the palm.

letter m on the palm
  1. The first part can form from the fate line or the life line, depending on its placement. If it is the life line, it’s usually short, which can mean that you are not very grounded. You probably love change and travel. It can also say that you are restless and don’t stay in one place or job for long. People who don’t connect closely to their ancestors or family have this line. Read more about the short life line here.
  2. The head line in this position is the most common line and shows a practical thinking person. See a video about the various head lines here.
  3. The career line which starts at the head line shows that the subject has not found their ideal career or motivation until around age 35. Read more about the career line here.
  4. The heart line in this position indicates an ordinarily emotional person who loves their freedom. They do not like overly clingy people and might also be somewhat selfish or cold in relationships. You can watch a video about the various heart lines here.

What about the money triangle?

Like the letter m on the palm, the money triangles are also myths made up by fraudulent fortune-tellers. The hearsay is that the great triangle depicts someone who has the ability to save and retain money. The great triangle forms if there is a health line or fate line present. The health line or fate line can rise from the line of life and if long enough, forms the triangle. Both of these examples are only coincidental. See about the meaning of a health line here.

letter m on the palm, money triangle, triangle of earnings, money triangle

The money triangle is supposed to mean the same as the great triangle but through business. But, it’s simply a branch from the fate line reaching the head line. It can represent an inspiration line and aid in career choices. But, if the line comes inside the life line (from the ball of thumb), which it often does, it’s simply a stress line that affects the person’s mental well being. Stress lines can be obstacles in life.

Triangle of Earnings

Lastly, the rumour about the triangle of earnings, the thing is, I see these lines crossing all the time. Almost everyone has it if they have a health line that touches the life line. If someone doesn’t have this triangle, it means they, too, are perfectly capable of earnings.

If you have the letter m or triangles on your palm and believe you will become wealthy just because you have them, you might be a tad gullible. Success and wealth come from hard work and determination. Anyone can earn money if they try hard enough. There is not a single hand or palm that points to a person’s inability to make or receive money. Check out my article about the billionaire Richard Branson.

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