Spinster Line or Ring of Mercury Meanings

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The meaning of a spinster line

The word spinster line straight away makes you wonder if it’s considered a bad thing to have. This line lies beneath the little finger as a curved horizontal line, ending between the ring and little finger. The little finger in palmistry is often called the Mercury finger. The term ring of Mercury might be a more appropriate name considering its meaning. The reason why it might have got the name spinster line is that it originates from the same area as the relationship lines on the side of the Mercury mount.

The spinster line might look like a long relationship line which curves upwards, so it is easily confused. The relationship lines are on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. The usual meaning is that a distinct line shows a long-term relationship (not necessarily marriage). The fine and shorter ones are insignificant or less worthy unions.

How to tell the difference between these lines?

If the curved line remains on the side of the mount and does not rise to circle the base of the little finger, it’s a relationship line. Traditionally, it means that the partner is financially well off. The spinster line is much longer; it can be somewhat curved or straight. However, it always appears at the front of the mount.

Is there a difference between the ring of Mercury and a spinster line?

When it’s called the spinster line, it seems like it is only referring to relationships, implying that the individual remains a single their whole life? The ring of Mercury suggests a negative force to the good qualities of Mercury, weakening its’ characteristics. Mercury represents our communication, such as personal interactions, as well as business ability.

The spinster line may hinder the capacity for clear communication in intimate relationships. It might not mean that the person remains a bachelor or bachelorette forever, but it does seem to suggest frequent breakups. Overall, if Its effects are ill feelings or attitude in relationships, it’s then it is possible the subject eventually remains a spinster.

It is always wise to check other indicators on the hand, such as influence lines and parallel lines on the life line. The influence lines can depict a partner in life, and parallel lines to the line of life show support. The shape of the hand and fingers can also give clues to the characteristics. The shape of the heart line is important as well because it shows how caring or loving the person is. A straight heart line shows a cautious and reserved type, so expressing feelings might not be so easy. A curved heart line shows someone who needs to share their feelings.

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