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Healing Lines and Their True Meaning in Palmistry

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Healing lines and the truth behind their meaning

The healing lines which are also known to be called ‘Medical Stigmata’ lines are on the mount of Mercury, (the padded area under the pinkie). There are usually three to five vertical parallel lines in the middle of the mount.

The healing lines must be carefully inspected because on the same mount, there are what’s called children lines. The child lines are on the ulna edge, whereas the healing lines are directly in the front. Many people get this confused. I have seen countless videos and articles with the wrong explanation, so I hope to help clear this issue today.

healing lines, children lines, child line on palm, medical stigmata lines, best palm reader in the world

The healing lines are a standard set of minor lines, located mostly on someone with medium to the fine-textured skin. Having these lines does not mean the person is or will become a doctor or a healer. Healings lines show much more than the name implies. If they are on the palm of a medical practitioner, it shows that they can empathise with their patients. It suggests one who has a soothing and reassuring way of dealing with people and or animals.

Too many healing lines changes the meaning.

These healing lines strengthen the qualities of Mercury. However, be careful when reading them, because if there are more than five, it shows further Mercurian attributes.

More than five of these lines shows an excess of Mercurian qualities. Rather than referring to healing, it points to more about business and communication. More often they seem to appear when a person is into marketing, writing, communicating or selling, such as a writer, teacher or entrepreneur.

If there are so many lines that it forms a lattice-like set of lines, the excess can flow over to shrewdness and scheming. The person is at risk of failure in their business or relationships.

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