Too Many Palm Lines? What Does it Mean?

If you are interested in palmistry, you might know that not all people have the same types of palm lines. Some hands have just a few lines, and others may have many fine lines all over. If you think you have too many palm lines, read on to learn what it means.

Do you know if your hands always had so many lines?

The lines on your palm can change over time. It’s most likely to happen if you change something in your life. For instance, if you don’t usually work with your hands and decide to take up work, that does. When you use your hands more, the skin texture can gradually change too. If you often have your hands in water, they will soften and form more lines.

If you have tougher skin, you have fewer lines. And because the hands have a connection to the brain, the same goes for your thoughts; if they continuously run along the same lines, you end up with only a few deep lines. But if your thoughts run everywhere or out of control, the lines tend to show it.

too many palm lines

Why you might have too many palm lines?

Most of the time, if you have too many palm lines, it means you have soft skin. If the skin is thin, it will have even more lines. The skin may also appear transparent with visible veins or reddish blotches. This type of skin portray’s someone with less physical energy and increased sensitivity, not only physiologically but physically. These types do not handle criticism well and are often impatient.

What type of personality do these lines show?

A hand with too many palm lines shows an emotional person. It may be one who worries about too many things. Their energies might be all over the place, and their mind doesn’t ever really switch off. The habit of fretting and absorbing other people’s energies is common. I always recommend meditation or other relaxing activities. Most of the time, the extra lines are worry and influence lines.

If you can’t tell which line is which?

Sometimes the hands have so many fine lines that it’s difficult to tell them apart. It does take a careful eye to decipher which line is which. It’s essential to learn where the usual lines are, and then you can see which ones don’t correspond to any other one. The lines that often appear as a group of lines are the Girdle of Venus, the Mercury line (health), the healing and worry lines.

girdle of venus, mirage line

If someone has health problems, the lines can show the areas that might cause concern. For instance, stomach or digestive problems can leave a patch of fine lines in the middle or lower areas of the palm.

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