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Stress Lines and Trauma Lines on the Palms

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Stress Lines on the Palms

Stress lines and trauma lines are very similar and can appear in many areas of the palm. The other names for these lines are interference or worry lines. They are not always a negative marking and are often suggest regular domestic worry or family influences (primarily early responsibility or difficulty).

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When the lines originate from the mount of Venus and cross the line of life, their meaning becomes more significant. The various stress implications of a worry line crossing the life line can vary. They can be things like life events such as having a child, struggling with finances or emotional issues. All of these things might affect the career or another part of life.

If a worry line is long, originating from inside the mount of Venus, crossing the life line and reaching the head line, it can denote worry over finances. The same markings on the heart line would indicate an emotional matter. A line reaching the fate line can imply career influence, financial concern or both. If there is an island on the fate line and the worry line crosses the island, it can suggest bankruptcy.

trauma lines on the palm

A hand covered in many lines

A hand full of lines shows an emotional person who often worries about too many things. Most of these extra lines are stress lines. The subject might have their energy all over the place and their mind doesn’t ever really switch off. The habit of fretting and absorbing other people’s energies is common. I always recommend meditation or other relaxing activities.

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Trauma LInes and stress lines

If these worry lines rise from the beginning section of the life line, all the way to the Saturn finger (middle finger) it would suggest a childhood disturbance or trauma. Trauma lines almost always end beneath the Saturn finger; they depict events that had a profound effect on the psyche. The trauma line is almost always fragmented, blurry or faint in its appearance. If this is the case, it may not be a permanent mark.

When I mention this trauma line to someone, many deny ever having anything happen that caused it. However, it is not always something that a person remembers because they might have had the issue during the developing years—such as weaning from the mother, abandonment issues or any other psychological distress as an infant.

Sympathy Lines look like stress lines

Mistaking the sympathy line for a trauma line or ring of Solomon is easy to do. The trauma line reaches the base of the Saturn finger. The sympathy line looks more like a partial ring of Solomon. It shows a compassionate and understanding nature.

sympathy lines, trauma lines, worry lines
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The fingernails can also show signs of stress

When looking for clues to stress or the health from the nails, we apply the same principles as for the hands, which is to find something unusual. We also look at the quality. A delicate textured hand should have matching smooth looking nails. If the nails are coarse on a smooth hand, the healthy balance is out of proportion. The coarse nail is usually short dry and dense, more commonly seen on a big hand with rough skin.

A nail usually takes six months to grow from the root to the tip, so some markings can be timed based on where it is on the nail. As an example, a horizontal ridge halfway along the nail would suggest a change or loss of vitality around three months ago. A typical healthy nail is pliable; it has a smooth texture; an average thickness and the colour of the nail is typically light pink. The moons should be milky white, and usually only visible on the thumb.


A bluish tinge within the nail bed can be due to circulatory or respiratory problems. Please note, sometimes this is temporary due to cold weather or cold hands. Also, it is normal for a woman to have bluish nails during the early teens and again at menopause when there are changes in the body hormones. A faint blue tinge covering the nail shows nervousness and possibly some heart weakness. If there is a deep blue colour under the tiny and narrow nails, (most pronounced at the base), heart weakness is almost inevitable.


A white-looking nail bed can suggest iron deficiency, low vitality or more severe liver dysfunction. A pale, white or greyish tinge under the nails can indicate selfish leanings or lack of warmth. Depending on the quality of the nail, if it appears to be lifting off the quick, clouded, brittle and dry, it could indicate a fungal disease.


Yellow colour in the nail beds or a brownish discolouration, splotches or stains in the skin directly under the nail, can indicate jaundice, liver or gallbladder conditions. These marks can also occur when there is a high level of bilirubin in the blood due to the body producing too much or not getting rid of it fast enough.

When the nail itself is white and clouded on the top section and yellow at its base, it can signify kidney disease. Other conditions can also cause yellowing, such as fungal infection or regular contact with heavy-duty chemicals on the nails.


The redness of the nailbed mainly points to someone with intense passion or extra strength. Very red nails can be due to high blood pressure, bad temper or cardiovascular disease. Look at the colour of the palms to see if they too are red. If so, the subject may be doing everything in excess, mentally or physically stressed.


White flecks or spots can show a vulnerable nervous system or a weak constitution. They are usually the first sign of delicate nerves and can appear during times of stress or when the body lacks a mineral such as calcium, zinc or magnesium. White lines across the nail can indicate acute fever or coronary disease.


Several long, thin black specks or lines underneath the nail, is associated with a bacterial infection of the heart valves. If the line or speck is very close to the tip, it may be just a splinter or injury. Red lines or specks can be due to long-term high blood pressure, or if at the tip, also injury.

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  2. […] neurotic or bad-tempered individual. If the fan-shaped nail is on the index finger, it shows stress over goals or the self. On the middle finger, worry over money or business. On the ring finger is […]

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