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Fate Line Timing Events Scale in Palmistry

If you are interested in palmistry, you would also want to know how to estimate the timing on the lines. Fate line timing events: The timing on any line is never an exact science; this is mainly the case for the fate line, which registers our advancement through life. Each mark, break or divergence can potentially match an event in our life. Fate line timing is to possibly spot an impending change of career or another life event.

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The fate line is the middle vertical crease on the palm. Some people call it a career line or line of Saturn. It is an excellent indicator of change in the life of its bearer. A perfect and straight fate line that runs directly from the palm’s base to below the middle finger can denote an unchanging and steady career, drive or direction in life. The person knows who they are; they are self-motivated and in control of their path in life from an early age.

Estimating the timeline on the fate line

What I find to be the easiest way to get a close estimate is to use the different lines to compare. If the heart and head lines form in a typical manner, such as in the palm photo below, then the age of approximately thirty-five is where the line crosses the head line. The age of fifty is when it crosses the heart line.

Where it crosses the heart line is usually the age of fifty. Not all palms have the lines in the same position, but this timing works if you imagine where the head and heart lines usually are. If there are breaks in the fate line, you can use this timescale to see approximately what age change is and what age the progress continues.

Age fifty on the fate line

How to know if fate line timing is accurate?

The best way to make the fate line timing more accurate is to compare past life events on the line. For instance, if there is an island on it (indicating a period of financial trouble). Ask the subject what age they were at the time of that event, and then it can be judged from that point.

If the hand does not have the typical lines, for instance, displaced higher or lower than average, or there is a Simian line, then I adjust the timing from the age of thirty, being the centre of the palm. The spacing tends to get narrower towards the later period.

Where the fate line starts

If the fate line starts from the life line, it shows a traditional start to a career. That means the career started from the individual’s background, education or personal merit. It represents a competent person determined to apply their energy and talent to succeed. If the fate line starts at the wrist at the centre of the hand, it shows first responsibilities and a balanced personality.

The fate line beginning at the base of the palm is a sign of common sense and independence using own efforts, which can manifest in the choices in life (and possibly the career). A fate line starting at the Mount of Moon shows people (or the public) based professions of their choosing. They succeed due to their appealing and essential qualities, which can be in the public eye. Often found in entertainers and actors.

What if you have two fate lines?

Depending on how tight they run to each other, a double fate line can refer to two similar occupations, hobbies or study alongside a career at the same time. If the lines are close, it can depict a successful business partnership and may even represent a husband or wife who is considered very supportive.

What if you don’t have a fate line?

Having no fate line does not mean the person has ‘no career’ or is unmotivated. Instead, it is more likely that they prefer to take life as it comes, not bound by any demands, responsibility or purpose. If you imagine the fate line as a path to follow, and there is no path, you are free to make one of your own. If you need to get to the other side of the forest and there’s no trail, you can still get through by finding or making that track.

As an example, a man who is a self-employed salesperson with goals and motivation to run his own business might not necessarily have a fate line. The probable reason for this may be because his skin may be coarse. He plans his days one day at a time and has no strict boundaries for his career.

Another example comes from a woman whom I know. This lady did not finish her schooling, leaving at sixteen to earn a living. She did not have any significant plans or ambitions to be successful but only wanted independence. She had no fate line, yet she was a regular and steady worker. However, she may have one now, as these lines can form when situations change.

The common aspect I noted about both people is that they have no interest in worldly achievements or obligations. They accept whatever comes along yet take responsibility for their role in life seriously. Someone not having a fate line explains quite a bit about the meaning. It shows how difficult it is to analyse on its own.

If you are reading for someone else

Remember, if you are doing a reading, use care and tact, and never alarm a potentially nervous or sensitive subject. It is not our job as hand analysts to humiliate or discourage anyone. If you fail to verify something, you might not have judged the whole hand correctly.

The lines do change over time

Remember, the lines can change over time. Therefore, what is evident in your hands now, does not imply a fixed quality or event. When using the lines for prediction, gather information from past trials that have led the person to be where they are now. Any lines or markings that represent the future are just assumptions. They show what is potential for the subject based on past actions. I hope you enjoy reading all my articles. Check out some of the latest ones below.

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