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How to tell which career from the fate line

fate line

The fate line is the palmistry term used for the vertical crease in the centre of the palm. How to tell which career suits you from the fate line? In palmistry, it is possible to…

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Broken Fate Line Meaning in Palmistry

broken fate line, fate line timing

Broken fate line or (career line) meanings The fate line is a crease on the palm which vertically runs towards the middle finger. This line is not typically one line, so the broken fate line…

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Fate Line Timing Events Scale in Palmistry

If you are interested in palmistry, you would also want to know how to estimate the timing on the lines. Fate line timing events: The timing on any line is never an exact science; this…

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Career Line in Your Palm the Ultimate Guide

career line, palm reading career

EVERYTHING ABOUT THE CAREER LINE IN PALMISTRY The career line, or fate or Saturn line is an excellent indicator of change in the life of its owner, which is why it is a valuable guide…

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Career Choices from Hand Analysis

career choices, career from the palm

Career Choices from Hand Analysis If you have not yet settled happily into your career, you may be wondering what kind of career choices would actually suit you? The basic features of the hand and…

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