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Head Line Palmisty – Five Personalities

long head line, head line, head line markings

Which Type of Head Line Do You Have?

The head line commences from the space in between the Index finger and thumb and usually runs horizontally at least halfway across the palm. This line is one of the most significant … Read the rest

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Life Line Timeline Guide in Palmistry

life line timeline, timing on life line

Life Line Timeline To Predict Events

Life line timeline – Measuring events through palmistry are not exactly easy to do, but in reading the lines, particularly the life line, it is an important part of interpreting the markings. Knowing … Read the rest

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Heart Line and Emotions in Palmistry

type of heart line, heart line types, passionate heart line, emotional line, palm love lines, heart line

The Heart Line – Are you emotionally in control?

The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line on the palm; it represents how a person expresses their feelings and their attitudes towards relationships.

The basics of reading this line are … Read the rest

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Timing on Life Line Guide Palmistry

timing on life line, life line timeline, timing events on the life line, palm reading lessons, master palmist Sari

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Timing on life line.

Measuring events through palmistry is not exactly easy to do. However, the timing on life line is … Read the rest

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Mars Line Meaning on Palm is Awesome.

mars line

Mars line meaning on the palm

The Mars line is a positive marking on the palm. It is a line which runs parallel to the life line, beginning from inside the thumb, or from the start of the lifeline … Read the rest

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Career Line Starting Positions on Your Palm

fate liine start postions, career line,


The career line also referred to as the fate line or Saturn line is an excellent indicator of change in the life of its bearer. Which is why it is a valuable indicator … Read the rest

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Learn Hand Analysis for Better Relationships

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Why Learn Hand Analysis?

Anyone can learn hand analysis. Why? Because you can tell the character from the hands. Honesty, responsibility, leadership skills and sex drive (love making style) are just a few of the traits that are visible in … Read the rest

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Career Choices from Hand Analysis

career choices

Career Choices from Hand Analysis

If you have not yet settled happily into your career, you may be wondering what kind of career choices would actually suit you? The basic features of the hand and fingers can give clues about … Read the rest

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Predict Future Using Palmisty?

books about palmistry, predict future, faithful personality

It may be possible to predict future from the lines on your palms.

Many of us, somewhat sceptical, can find it difficult to be convinced without systematic evidence and wonder why we continue to believe in the predictive side of … Read the rest