How To Tell Which Career From the Fate Line

how to tell career,

The fate line is a common line to check for answers regarding the career

How to tell which career is suited from just the fate line? In palmistry it is possible to look at the lines to help predict or assess the progress and type of career. Obviously it’s not possible to know the exact type! For instance, someone with a line that relates to public recognition could just as well be a doctor or a movie star.

Other features of the hand can give clues to which career is suitable for the individual. However, in this article I’m only focusing on how to tell which career from the fate line.

How to tell which career from the fate line starting positions

Starting at the life line (1)

Starting at the life line is a traditional start to a career, which originated from the individual’s background, education or personal merit. It represents a competent person who is determined to apply their energy and talent to succeed in life.

Starting from inside the life line (2)

A line from inside the life line would show someone who has had less choice and was probably ruled by the family in the type of work expected of them or obligated to follow the same profession as their parents.

how to tell career,

Career line starting at the wrist (3)

Starting at the wrist at the centre of the hand shows first responsibilities and a balanced personality. The fate line beginning at the base of the palm is a sign of common sense and independence using own efforts which can manifest in the choices in life and career.

Starting at the Mount of Moon (4)

A fate line starting at the Mount of Moon shows people (or public) based profession of their choosing. They achieve success due to their appealing and essential qualities, someone who can be in the public eye. Often found on entertainers and actors. However, also a line typical on politicians, teachers, nurses and counsellors.

From the centre of the palm (5)

Where the fate line starts at the centre of the palm, it shows one of two things. 1. An extended period of uncertainty or lack of motivation. It can suggest unsettled career goals until the person is around twenty-eight, a time when a major change or reconsideration of life goals begin. Or, 2. The individual has had an easy life with no restrictions and around the age of twenty-eight their life begins to have a real meaning manifesting in a more motivated or career-oriented mind.

Fate line from outer Mars area (6)

If the line rises from the outer Mars area between the head and heart line, it shows resilience and dedication to their work. It shows a more aggressive approach to achieving goals. It can also be associated with someone who is likely to start or change their career in the middle of their life, to help others less fortunate.

how to tell career,

Starting from the head line (7) (blue line)

Starting at the head line is a career which has commenced or progressed after the age of forty. There might be intellectual motives such as completion of study or realisation of a goal or purpose.

From the heart line (8) (orange line)

Starting from the heart line shows success at a later age usually over fifty years. It is often something that the person enjoys doing and felt on an emotional level. They have found their calling or life purpose.

Where the fate line ends

If the fate line ends before the head line, the person has changed their mind about their chosen career path before the age of 28.

If the fate line ends at the head line, the person might change their career around the age of thirty five. It shows a wise choice based on logic.

If the fate line ends at the heart line, depending on other lines, the person might want to retire early or start a new career after the age of around fifty.

A fate line all the way to the middle finger depicts someone busy for their whole life.

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