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Strange Palm Lines in Hand Analysis

Do you have any of these strange lines on your palm?

Sometimes strange palm lines appear on the hand, which are uncommon. If you are interested in palmistry, you might already know what the basic palm lines look like. However, not everyone has the same lines. For instance, you might see several lines where there’s typically only one. You might also see a line that takes a turn or breaks. These strange palm lines make reading your palms confusing. Don’t despair; help is here. If you don’t see any of your lines listed below, comment on this article or my page — life and Destiny Palmistry.

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Suwon Crease or a wavy fate line

The first one I will tell you about is a variant of a Simian line called a Suwon crease (pictured below). It is a long heart line that crosses the entire palm. Unlike the Simian line, the Suwon also has a head line present. (The lower horizontal crease) It is called a Suwon crease because researchers who discovered it named it after Suwon in Korea. This type of line might depict a person who is quite demanding or picky, especially in relationship matters. The material aspect of life is usually a significant need; hence they are liable to put work before relationships. This line often depicts someone very dedicated to their work.

suwon crease, unusual lines, rare lines, strange palm lines

Wavy Fate Line

A curved or wavy fate line can add to the confusion of strange palm lines. The fate line is a vertical line that rises towards the middle finger. The wavy fate line suggests uncertainty or changes in career or lifestyle. The person might not have decided on a clear path in life. Often it is a sign of a traveller.

wavy fate line

The Sydney Line

Another unusual line is the Sydney line, which is a head line that completely crosses the palm, but a heart line is still present. These Simian line variations are a little more complicated in their meaning. There may be pressure on the emotions or mental capacity, so the individual might over analyse feelings or thoughts. It may be difficult for them to sleep well due to the mind being so active. The positive side is that they can absorb information, making them an excellent researcher.

very long head line

Simian Variation

A Simian line is a single horizontal crease instead of the more common two separate lines. If the Simian line has an attached branch below or above, it is still a variation of the Simian. You can also have extra lines floating above or below it. These variations show that energy is escaping, giving more practical or emotional attributes. A fate line that ends or starts on the line can sometimes confuse these lines.

Missing Heart Line

The missing heart line (or unusual heart line) suggests a logical and emotionally detached nature. The heart line is usually the uppermost horizontal crease under the fingers. Sometimes the head line lies where the heart line should be. The heart line might disguise itself as the head line or connect to it. These people are objective, rational and almost ‘mechanical’ or cold regarding emotions. A good heart line on the non-dominant hand helps offset some cold characteristics.

heart line connects to the head line

The Missing or Weak Head Line

Some rare hands have no head line, but a regular heart line exists. The head line is the horizontal line below the heart line. This missing head line line formation suggests that decisions are based on emotional rather than logical views. The missing head line depicts a passionate character with strong opinions. However, they might too quickly jump to conclusions because they lack rational thought.

A branch line from the heart line that drops to the start of the life line suggests an emotional attachment to something from the young years. In some cases, it is because there were family issues.

A weak head line might have a couple of thin lines. It is often of a chained appearance. The faint line demonstrates mental delicacy, someone who is nervous, shy, quiet (a daydreamer) or has difficulties with decision-making and concentration. Sometimes it can denote emotional struggles, especially if the heart line is chained. They may also lack common sense or suffer periods of mental pressure.

broken head line, no head line on palm

The end of the heart line dips to the head line

If the end of the heart line happens to dip down and touch the head line, it can denote some insecurity or caution in the realm of emotions, manifesting as a fear of loss or jealousy, possibly due to a childhood experience. If not, this person might consider feelings rationally before making emotional decisions. In other words, the reason dominates sentiment.

In some circumstances, this dipping line can signify same-sex orientation or someone who finds a strong bond with a member of their gender-relevant (not to be confused with a branch from the line). If the line has several dips and appears wavy, feelings are not constant, and there possibly are many love relationships or a lack of a serious one.

Weak Head Line

Ira Marlatt, the so-called prison demon who served a life sentence for murder in 1890, is an example of someone with a poorly formed head and heart line. His heart line had branches reaching the head line, almost like a Simian line variation. His noticeable ring of Saturn appears like a girdle of Venus and is proof of his temper and capricious nature. The head line was only small fragmented lines.

Broken Heart Line

A broken heart line is when the line stops and starts again. It can overlap or have a clean break. The main thing about the fractured heart line is that it can manifest in difficulties expressing feelings. The subject might have issues with mood swings or emotional stress. (Check the type of head line). There may be a period in their life when there is a significant change, such as a broken relationship. (Check life and fate lines). These people might often feel unemotionally connected and feel phases of unattachment. They will likely rationalise their feelings if the head line seems attached to the heart line.

Enemy Line / Challenge Line

The enemy line, or challenge line, originates from the outer Mars area on the edge of the palm. The line represents struggles or obstacles in some areas of life. In some cases, it’s a sign of insomnia. If the line reaches the head line, it can affect logical decisions. If the line reaches the Mercury (health) line, it depicts business or health challenges. Crossing over multiple lines affects more than one area of life, such as career and mental struggles.

too many palm lines


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