Island Mark on the Lines of the Palm

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An island mark is a divided line which joins again forming an elongated oval instead of a continuous line. It can have a variety of meanings and can be of different sizes.

The island might be a permanent mark since birth, or it can form during development. Sometimes the island appears later in life. The thing to remember about palmistry is that the lines can change and new lines can form. It makes a difference to the meaning where the island is, for example, in the middle of the life line, it would point to the period of around the age of forty. At the start of the line, it’s depicting the younger years, and obviously at the end of the life line, the later years.

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What is the meaning of an Island Mark On the Lines of the Palm

The main explanation of the mark is that it slows down the normal flow of energy. Imagine if a river is moving in one direction in a steady stream when suddenly there is a fork which parts the waters in two directions. The quantity of water has not increased, so then the two new courses have half of the original amount of water flowing. If you use the river scenario in a life situation; it is possible that the individual has diverted (temporarily) in the usual path, which can in some instances result in a decrease in vitality (depending on which line it is).

Island on the life line

The life line is the crease which circles around the ball of the thumb. If the island on the life line has been present for a long time, with no apparent problems, it can describe a period when resistance is low. In some circumstances, it shows a troubled or unstable time or even a predisposition to a disease such as depression or alcoholism. Sometimes it is there when a person has PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) which is when the subject has anxiety and or flashbacks triggered by a traumatic event. These type of island can sometimes be temporary. For example, if the person is an alcoholic, but then they stop and change their lifestyle. The island can start to fade as the subjects life improves.

island on the life line

Check for other indicators on the palm before assuming health problems

If other indicators tell of a difficult time, (many crosses, hatches or blurry lines) the island on the life line shows that health has been affected by those problems. As you can understand, the island can have many meanings, and without thorough examination and confirmation from its bearer, it is not possible to have one meaning for the marking with certainty. The good news is that the island forms back into one line indicating a return of normality. See about stress and trauma lines here.

Island on the head line

The head line is the horizontal line which originates from the radial side between the thumb and base of the index finger. An island on a head line again shows a weakening of the line, and that the mental powers are affected. It can be a sign of worry, uncertainty, illness, depression, loss of memory or merely a period of fatigue which affects the ability to think clearly. Someone who suffers from migraines might also have this mark. Look at the quality of the line after the island. Once the line resumes to normal, so should the issues.

Island at the start of the head line

Island Mark on the Heart Line

The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line on the palm. An island on the heart line can suggest a problematic emotional period or worry over a relationship. The flow of energy is disrupted, hence weakening the line. The size of the island shows the seriousness of the condition. Sometimes it is one of the indicators of physical problems with the heart, such as heart weakness. It’s important to look at other indications like skin colour and quality of the lines in general.

Island on the Fate Line

The fate line usually runs vertically in the middle of the palm towards the middle finger. An island on the fate line weakens the flow and often denotes worry over something. The worry could be such as financial difficulties from taking on too much credit or borrowing money. Bankruptcy is a possibility depending on other indicators. Look for interference line rising from the Mount of Venus and across the life line. Many islands which form a chain is a period when issues affect the smooth flow of career or life.

fate line

Island mark on the success line

The success line is a line that runs vertically towards the ring finger. This mark has similar connotations as the fate line. However, it is more likely that it refers to the subject having a period of mistrust or uneasiness regarding their reputation. If with other signs, it can suggest grief.

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Islands on the minor lines

Minor lines are all the small and fine lines that do not stand out as much as the long, deeply etched lines. The minor lines do not show up on every hand, and others form only in part. As a rule, minor lines form more readily on the soft skin. For some of us, even though we are born with many lines on the palms, more lines can appear as we mature. Depending on what we do and how we live, results in the line. The minor lines and secondary lines, just like the major ones, vary in length, depth, and quality. Some of the small lines are relatively rare, such as the intuition line, the ring of Apollo, the ring of Saturn or ring of Solomon.

Some lines are difficult to validate, and it takes some careful observation to tell the difference between a branch off the main line from a secondary line. Other ones are merely stress lines and often cover the whole of the palm on a sensitive individual. An island mark on any of the minor lines suggests a time of (temporary) struggle. On the marriage line, an island would depict problems in the relationship. On the health line, obviously a health problem.

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