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Mount of Moon in Empathy and Creativity

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This area at the base of the hand, opposite the mount of Venus, is the mount of Moon. It rules your moods, emotions, romance, travel, imagination and represents the mother, the wife, and fertility. It associates with the subconscious, sensitivity and passions. In a man, it still signifies his sensitivity, (although he might not show it). It can symbolise his mother, his wife, or the ideal woman.

  • Imagination and creativity.
  • Idealism.
  • The love of travel.
  • Empathy, nurturing and sensitivity.
  • Intuition and memory.

The Mount of Moon, when well developed, shows a kind, inventive, creative and imaginative personality. They are risk takers and can achieve success in business due to their originality and inspirational ideas.

The large mount of Moon also depicts a love of nature and animals. These people are caring and make great parents. An overly developed mount of Moon shows someone whose vision is so high that they may fantasise or have little sense of reality.

When the Mount of Moon is noticeably flat, it portrays an introverted and realistic character. They use their intellect before gut feelings or emotions in making decisions, hence suit government positions. Imagination may be deficient, but they show a responsible and dogmatic nature.

If the mount of Moon is deflated and areas of the hand show redness or other indicators of anger, it suggests the subject has little empathy. Indicators of anger can be a developed mount of Lower Mars, hard skin, red patches, red fingertips, small nails and bulbous thumb tip. In such a case, they might lack the nurturing traits required to care about others in general.

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Marks on the Mount of Moon

STAR – Powers of instinct and imagination. Fame in a literary career.
CROSS – Fear of travel. Overactive imagination.
SQUARE – Protection against danger in travel.
TRIANGLE – Gift for literary or artistic work.
GRID – Feeling overly sad, nervous or discontent.

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