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Broken Fate Line Meaning in Palmistry

broken fate line, fate line timing

Broken fate line or (career line) meanings

The broken fate line is not necessarily a bad thing. The fate line is also referred to as Saturn line or career line. It is an excellent indicator of change in the life of its bearer. A straight fate line which runs from the base of the palm to below the middle finger can denote an unchanging and steady career. It also reflects the persons’ drive or direction in life. These individuals know who they are; they are self-motivated, serious and in control of their decided path in life from an early age.

However, what if you do not have a straight fate line or if there is a broken fate line?

A broken fate line, but one that has a second line with an overlap, shows a planned change in career or lifestyle. If the breaks do not overlap, and there is a space before the line continues, (missing section) it is an unexpected change. It may be a time when progress regarding career or goals has come to a standstill.

During the period of the missing section of the fate line, the motivation and purpose are no longer justifiable. It may be a loss of a job or change in outlook. Look for clues on the other lines for the reasons. The heart line gives clues to the emotional state, and the head line shows the mental state. A corresponding island on the life line might indicate a health issue.

Placement of the break

If the break occurs at the head line, it shows that around the age of thirty-five, the individual has decided to change their career through a wise decision. The fate line doesn’t always refer to the career, it can also depict a change in life such as marriage, children, divorce etc.

If the break is at the heart line, the change is for something more in line with their life purpose., like what the person love’s to do. The break in the heart line area suggests the change occurs around the age of 48-52.

Breaks in the fate line before the head line, that is, in the middle of the palm or below. Shows uncertain goals, possibly changing their mind or a change in life such as re-location.

Branch lines from the fate line

A branch line rising towards the mount of Jupiter (under the index finger) shows achievement of ambition through skill, hard work, and study. The fate line itself should end under Saturn. A branch line rising towards Mount Apollo (under the ring finger) is particularly lucky, it depicts success through talent or creativity, often meaning good fortune.

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