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Square Mark on the Palm Mounts Palmistry

Square Mark on the Palm Lines and Meanings

Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is an ancient practice used for centuries to help people gain insight into their lives. By studying the lines, like the square mark on the palm, you can interpret traits and maybe even predict the future. By understanding what your hands say about you, you can gain clarity on your life’s path and make better life choices.

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A set of lines that form a square mark on the palm can have a specific meaning. This square needs to be formed by lines that are not a part of another major or minor line. It takes a meticulous eye when analysing for marks like the square. Often it is a mix of other lines overlapping, hence not a square. The square needs to stand on its own, independently.

A square over a line is a protective mark, often covering an uncertain period. It means that the individual might have avoided a possibly difficult period. On the heart line, it refers to the emotional state. If on the head line; the mental, and the life line it suggests a safeguard of any life event. On the fate line, it can be about finances or a career. A square on the success line is overcoming issues over prestige, such as fame or dignity.

Square Mark on the Palm Mount

A square on the Mercury mount

The Mercury mount sits under the base of the little finger. This mount mainly relates to the mind and the ability to communicate in personal relationships or business. It shows how well you connect with others as well as the amount of mental capacity and ideas. Positive aspects show quick wit and intelligence. A square mark on the Mercury mount shows protection against mental strain and financial risks. It depicts honesty.

square on the mount of Mercury

Negative aspects point to deceitfulness or nervousness, especially if the line of the head is weak or poorly marked. If Mercury’s mount is significant and partially under Apollo (the ring finger), the communication style is creative, such as a writer’s. This displacement usually happens when an Apollo line rises to the finger. The pinkie plays a significant role in the overall character balance; if well-developed, it lessens the struggles to succeed in all areas of life.

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Apollo mount

Under the ring finger is the mount of Apollo or the Sun. When this mount is large, it indicates a desire to be recognised. Positive aspects of Apollo show a versatile, generous, happy and adaptable person. They love to see the beauty in all things. He may be an artist or like to surround themselves with art. They enjoy luxury and, in the practical world, good taste. Negative aspects point to gambling or paying too much attention to appearances.

A square mark on the palm area of Mount Apollo under the ring finger shows a protective influence on the reputation and in achieving success.

apollo mount, areas of the hand, palm reading guide, e-book palmistry

Mount of Saturn with a square mark

The Saturn mount is at the base of the middle finger. The middle finger and mount represent your boundaries; it is the balancing force of the psyche aiding rational thought. This area is associated with limitations, the elderly, grandparents and wise men. In astrology, it is seen as the ruler of fate.

It is normal for this mount to be flat or only slightly padded, depicting self-control, common sense and a love of philosophy. Positively it shows someone practical and conservative with strong character, wisdom and maturity. A square here is likely to be on the line of Saturn, which depicts the protection of property or finances. Therefore, what that means is that it can refer to law or money matters. Traditionally, it is preservation from danger and/or luck in not going to jail.

square mark on the palm
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Jupiter Mount and the Teachers Square

The mount of Jupiter beneath the index finger tells how much a person likes to dominate, lead and organise. On a well-marked hand, a large Jupiter mount indicates success from a character’s perspective. The Jupiter mount shows the self-confidence, pride, ego, religion and the strengths and weaknesses of the character. Jupiter rules your luck, growth and wisdom. They are the most independent of all types in their career. If the Jupiter mount shares the space partially beneath the Saturn finger, there is a hands-on ability to achieve goals.

A square line formation in this area shows a sound sense of pride and professional integrity. It may also refer to a partner who gives protection within a relationship. Traditionally it is called a ‘teacher’s square’, which shows the ability to share knowledge. It shows a passion for helping others succeed, commitment, enthusiasm and leadership.

Square on Venus mount

The Venus mount is the padded area enclosed by the line of life. This mount shows a person’s ability to express emotions and affection. It symbolises beauty, seduction, romance and love. It also shows the individual’s well-being, demonstrating how much blood flow and energy is available; a flexible, well-rounded mount is ideal, showing someone friendly, fit, outgoing, sympathetic and affectionate. A square mark on the Venus mount is protection against broken relationships (even family). A traditional interpretation is that it denotes a confined life.

square on the Venus mount on palm

Mount of Moon with a square mark

On the mount of the moon, the square suggests strength; it also shows protection against danger or harm, especially during travel. If the square lies over the top of the Mercury line (health line), it depicts help with a health issue.

square on moon mount

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