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Square Mark on the Palm Mounts Palmistry

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Square Mark on the Palm Meanings

A set of lines which form a square mark on the palm can have a specific meaning. This square needs to be formed by lines that are not a part of another major or minor line. It takes a meticulous eye when analysing for marks like the square. Often it is a mix of other lines overlapping, hence not a square. The square needs to stand on its own, independently.

A square over a line is a protective mark, often covering an uncertain period. It means that the individual might have avoided a possibly difficult period. On the heart line, it refers to the emotional state. On the head line; the mental, and on the life line it suggests a safeguard of any life event. On the fate line, it can be about the finances or career. A square on the success line is overcoming issues over prestige, such as fame or one’s dignity.

Square mark on the palm mounts

A square under the little finger, on the Mercury mount shows protection against mental strain and financial risks. It depicts honesty.

On the mount of Apollo under the ring finger, shows a protective influence in achieving success. A square under the middle finger, the mount of Saturn, is about the protection of property. So what that means is that it can refer to law or money matters. Traditionally it is preservation from danger and or luck in not going to jail.

The mount of Jupiter under the index finger. A square on this area shows a sound sense of pride and professional integrity. It may also refer to a partner who gives protection within a relationship. Traditionally it is called a ‘teacher’s square’ which shows the ability to share knowledge.

A square mark on the palm mount of Venus is protection against broken relationships. A traditional interpretation is that it denotes a confined life.

On the mount of the moon the square is suggesting strength, it also shows protection against danger or harm, especially during travel.

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