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Triangle Mark on the Palm Mounts or Fingers

triangle mark on the palm, triangle on mount

What is a triangle mark on the palm?

A triangle mark on the palm is a mix of three straight lines that meet. They may even cross each other slightly. In palmistry, it’s rare to see markings such as triangles, squares, stars and crosses. But if present, they can indicate a warning or point to a sign of talent, fortune or an event. In most cases, markings on the mounts accentuate the meaning of the mount either favourably or in an undesirable way.

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Some of these markings will take a meticulous eye when analysing what they mean, like whether it is a mix of other lines overlapping or one which stands on its own. The triangle is one which many misidentify because it can appear coincidentally with the crossing of central lines. If that is the case, it has no value.

What does the triangle mark mean?

A triangle found distinctly on its own or attached to the line is known to give karmic support, a boost of power or talent to the specific area. It is a welcome sign to diminish any existing difficulties. The size of the triangle doesn’t matter; however, they are usually small. (Based on traditional palmistry).

If you are learning about palmistry for the first time

I enjoy reading palms because you never know what kind of marks and lines you can come across. If you are learning palmistry, you might get confused by the abundant amount of information available. It would be best to start with the basics and focus only on the main areas. See this article for a beginners guide to hand reading.

Some people see only shapes and symbols and wonder what they mean. In traditional palmistry, symbolism was used much more than nowadays. Very rarely do any conventional signs appear on the palm, and if they do, they are a likely coincidental mix of other lines. For your knowledge, I have included the rare triangle mark meanings here, even if you never see one. Note: the palm ridgelines form a triangle called a triradii, which are not triangles formed by lines; therefore, they have no meaning in palmistry symbolism. The triradii are present on every palm.

Triangle mark on the palm mounts

triangle mark on the palm, triangle on mount

Mercury mount – (The padded area beneath the little finger). A triangle mark here shows the ability for business, communication and influencing others. It can also be a sign of writing or science.

Apollo mount – (under the ring finger) depicts a craftsman or someone who can manage fame or prosperity wisely.

Saturn mount – (under middle finger) depicts aptitude for serious studies, research and analysis, often in the field of the mystic or occult arts.

Jupiter mount – (under index finger) shows political wisdom and unique talent in the art of diplomacy.

Inner Mars – (beneath Jupiter mount) reveals an aptitude for military science and the ability to stay calm in warfare.

Venus mount – (ball of the thumb) shows skill in manipulating a marriage partner or to gain financially or materially from a union.

Mount of Moon – (opposite Venus mount) shows a gift for literary or artistic work. It may also strengthen the powers of intuition.

Outer Mars mount – (beneath Mercury mount) suggests an ability to manage conflict or the opposition against cruelty or dictatorship.

Plain of Mars (under the ring finger) can show a temporary triangle mark on the palm suggesting a financial boost or homeownership. I had this mark temporarily before our home loan was approved, it slowly faded away.

triangle mark on the fingers or fingertips

Triangle mark on the fingers and fingertips

The thumb: A triangle on the tip of the thumb is rare. The meaning of it in traditional palmistry is that it reveals unusual powers of concentration. These people tend to have a keen interest in research or scientific work. The triangle is a distinctive mark of philosophical talent and an aptitude for scientific work on the second phalange. These people tend to be curious and capable of research and practical progress.

The index finger:

A clearly formed triangle on the index fingertip or second phalange is exciting. It can depict an inborn aptitude for theological, occult, or magical studies. If on the first phalange, the owner is drawn towards pursuits of spiritual significance. They might devote their life to the study of a particular field. As a consequence, they may achieve outstanding results or recognition for their contribution. On the second phalange, the triangle can represent talent in the field of foreign service or politics. These people can have a way of influencing public affairs.

Triangle mark on the middle finger:

A triangle on the tip of the middle finger shows a tremendous amount of magnetism and charisma. These people have a way of being able to seduce the more unwary types. On the middle phalange, it’s a mark of someone who studies hard and has an insight into human affairs, psychology, and the occult arts.

The ring finger:

The triangle on the tip of the ring finger shows aptitude in studying beauty as a science. These people pursue their aims in an orderly and systematic manner. On the middle phalange, the triangle represents someone who delves into the mysteries of art and its spiritual impact. This mark on the third phalange shows a talent in making a good impression on others without appearing vain.

The pinkie:

On the tip of the little finger, the triangle is a mark of psychic or intuitive abilities. On the middle phalange, it denotes the potential for the occult sciences. A triangle mark at the base phalange is the mark of a diplomat. It shows intelligence and a capacity to negotiate with people convincingly and tactfully. These people do not allow others to take advantage of them, nor do they take advantage of others.

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