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Inheritance Lines and Signs in Palmistry

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If you are interested in the lines on your palm, you might wonder if there are such things as inheritance lines. The diverse styles of palmistry worldwide mean that you might get various opinions about…

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Money Triangle and Other Money Lines

money triangle, money lines, palm line of money

Money Triangle and Other Money Lines The money triangle and other so-called money signs are not a failsafe part of modern hand analysis. Most of these signs are just myths. However, it is a fascinating…

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Money and Travel Signs in Palmistry

fate line timing, money and travel signs, saturn mount, palm reading career, life purpose, missing fate line, missing lines, fate line missing, hands of a millionaire, saturn mount

If you are interested in palmistry, or if you are just looking at your own hands out of curiosity, you might be wondering if there are money and travel signs in your palms. Money and…

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Triangle Mark on the Palm Mounts or Fingers

triangle mark on the palm, triangle on mount

What is a triangle mark on the palm? A triangle mark on the palm is a mix of three straight lines that meet. They may even cross each other slightly. In palmistry, it’s rare to…

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