Inheritance Lines and Signs in Palmistry

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If you are interested in the lines on your palm, you might wonder if there are such things as inheritance lines. The diverse styles of palmistry in the world mean that you might get various opinions about the palm lines in general. Palmistry is an analysis of the hands, palm lines, ridges, and fingerprints.

Prediction from the lines?

These days, contemporary palmistry steers away from the predictive side of reading hands. Some people look for symbols or letters and rely on them to foresee something about their future. However, just like any mark or crease on the palm, making predictions is undependable and inconsistent no matter which system you use.

There’s no doubt that some signs can show current issues, but nothing guarantees future outcomes. Palm readers in the East tend to favour the foretelling of things like accidents and disasters, and some even tell people when they might die. It is impossible to know those things through the hands, and readers should avoid even attempting to look for them. Inheritance signs however are a little different as they represent a boost or new avenues.

People like to know about their future

Even though predictions are unreliable, people still want to know their future from their hands. But the hands show what is going on right now, not what might happen in the time to come. People make their own decisions, but sometimes a hand analyst can help direct them on a better path. They can awaken ambition or ideas. It is when we make changes in our lives that the lines on our palms can change.

The first sign of inheritance

The few signs that can be inheritance lines can also have other meanings. However, I want to tell you about the most common ones for now. 1. The first inherited money line I look for is a small vertical line between the pinkie and the ring finger. These types of inheritance lines can depict an actual inheritance in the later years. It can also be success or wealth through other means. If the line is instead in the space between the ring and middle fingers, it suggests living with a family member or a supportive partner at old age.

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2. The second inheritance mark might be a diagonal line that rises from inside the life line to the success line (the sun or Apollo line). If the inheritance is related to business, it might reach the mount of Mercury under the pinkie. 3. On the thumb crease, a small triangle can represent a family inheritance. 4. Boosts to finances through inheritance can also be a triangle mark on the life line or 5. fate line (Saturn line).

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Trident marks

A trident mark is a group of lines that can appear anywhere on the palm. The lines can face upwards or downward. The trident has its name because it looks like the three-pronged fork (or pitchfork). It can take a careful eye to spot one of these tridents because sometimes it may be something else, like unrelated crossing lines. The more favourable trident mark has the fork facing upwards, especially if it’s representing one of the inheritance lines. However, a downward trident is still okay.

The trident mark can be like a fork in the road so that the energy is divided. It is a mark of security and protection. Robin Gile suggests that whilst there may be stress in the area where the trident is present, the subject will come out relatively unscathed. He says that when the trident is large, it indicates the struggle is ongoing, but ultimately the person will come out on top.


The meaning is the same whether the trident is on the Mount of Saturn or formed by the Saturn lines. A distinctly formed line gives the best results. This area of Saturn relates to career, property, and legal matters. It can mean that you will come out of it with good results if you go through legal situations. Money always tends to come when needed, even if just in the nick of time.


On the Mount of Apollo, the trident is usually on the lines of success where it is most favourable. The marking gives strength to the area and depicts a variety of income sources. It may be someone who has a business or several lucrative projects. Dr Sen describes that it is a sign of wealth and celebrity status as a writer. It is valuable to have the trident on the Mount of Mercury.


On the Mount of Jupiter, the trident might rise from the start of the life line or sit at the very end of the heart line (if it is long enough). Yaschpaule, a palmist and astrologer in Kuala Lumpur notes the trident on the Mount of Jupiter as a mark of fame and wealth.

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