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How to Foresee Achievements and Talent

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See Your Achievements and Talent From Your Hands

Looking at your hands and palm lines can help you understand more about yourself and your future. Modern palmistry is helpful in situations where you might feel confused or uncertain about life decisions. We can rely on the hand and line characteristics because the brain connects to our hands. In this article, learn how to foresee achievements and potential talent from your hands.

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A good example is when someone has E.S.T (electric shock treatment of the brain), especially after repeated treatment, the lines on the palms change. There may be more fine lines, dots and star lines all over the palm. The condition of the brain has temporarily altered, making the marks and changes on the hand. When someone goes through a period of success and feelings of achievement and effort, they can also show on the palm.

We look at the areas of the palm, the padded areas mainly. In palmistry terms, these areas are called mounts. We consider the lines, especially any fine minor lines. The fingers and fingerprints also play their role in foreseeing our potential. The whorl print on the thumb tip shows a well-ordered person with an independent will.

How to foresee achievements from the palm lines

As with all palmistry, we consider more than just the lines when analysing the character. Listed below are the leading indicators of either achievements or potential talent.

  1. A vertical, curved line under the ring finger represents feelings of achievement and contentment.
  2. Lines, like a tree under the ring or middle finger, are brilliant successes if other indicators agree.
  3. A rising line from the life line to the index finger is an early achievement. It also represents an ambitious personality.
  4. A branch line from the fate line towards the index finger shows high ambitions with the possibility of fame and honour.
  5. From the fate line, a line reaches towards the ring finger, depicting a successful time in a creative endeavour or public success.
  6. A fate line that slants towards the index finger shows pride in their work and possible unusual achievement.
  7. A fate line from the mount of the Moon is a mark of originality.
  8. A connecting line from the head to the heart line under the pinkie. This line represents clear communication in the attainment of work and money.
  9. Double head line, unusual versatility.
  10. Intuition lines show powerful, intuitive imagination that helps make sound life decisions.
  11. Achievement lines are small rising branch lines on the life line.
  12. A hand with only a few main lines suggests a concentration on the main issues in life.
  13. Deep lines represent a passionate nature with strong feelings and pronounced likes and dislikes.

Foresee achievements and talent from the hand.

  • If you have a square palm, you have the ability to organize your life well.
  • A high mount under the index finger depicts ambition
  • High mounts under all fingers represent a lively and active mind.
  • A well-developed area above the thumb ball (inner Mars) shows your will to fight to fulfil your ambitions.
  • A large thumb gives the ability to accomplish things with ease.
  • A padded thumb ball (Mount of Venus) shows a warm-hearted nature and talent in the caring professions, music and design.
  • If the dominant hand has clearer, more even lines, it shows circumstances have allowed you to follow your goals.
  • Firm fingertips (or spatulate shape) show energy and talent in physical challenges. They are likely good with their hands or in sports.
  • Square-looking fingertips are someone practical, responsible, and c.
  • Flexible fingers that bend backward show versatility but may give up too quickly.
  • Short fingers belong to those who think quickly and intuitively.
  • The ring finger, slightly longer than the index finger, shows masculine qualities and a risk-taking personality.

The Pinkie

The long pinkie shows intellect by its length, and it also shows the ability to communicate effectively. A long pinkie means they are naturally good with money and do well in business, politics, science, education, television or radio broadcasting. Writing, entertaining, and music often come naturally. Any subject that requires conveying knowledge or expressing themselves using words. Excessively long, however, can mean shrewdness and untrustworthiness. The knuckle on this finger is often visible.

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