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Palmistry Guide and Meanings of the Lines

Palmistry guide

The Essential Beginners Palmistry guide

This essential palmistry guide is to help you get an immediate understanding of palm reading and the lines. You can learn to read hands like a professional. Click on the links below each section to learn even more!

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The first question you might have about palm reading is which hand to read. The dominant hand describes what is happening in their material or the outer world (the conscious). It shows what we are experiencing and whether we have developed and grown from our past. The right and left hands are usually different, so I always look at both.

The non-dominant hand defines what is happening on a subconscious (personal) level and what is potential. It shows what we feel we could be doing or should be doing. I read the history from the non-dominant hand, but both sides can depict past events due to timing on the lines. Read more about which hand to read here.

Palmistry Guide Part One – Meanings of The shape of the Hand

One of the standard methods for assessing the hand’s form is using the four astrological elements of water, fire, earth and air. This system uses the size and length of the fingers and palm. It does not mean the person has an equal astrological sign but indicates the personality type is like the related elements. Most hands have a mix of at least two elements.

water shaped hand

1 & 2 Earth shape standard and earth shape thick

The earth-shaped hand can be plump or it can be slim. Each has a slightly different meaning, and both are practical types. The heavy or thick one shows less patience than a slim one, but it depicts pride. A large, thick, and full-earth hand (if with hard flesh or skin) belongs to the typical worker or outdoorsman. If plump and soft, it will be on someone who likes the comforts of indoors. The small hand is more energetic and practical, belonging to the creative or business-minded folk.

3 The fire hand shape

The element of fire is straight away a clue to the nature of this character. The energy they have is spontaneous and wilful. They are frank and open but also often self-centred. The urge to be rich and famous is profound, but so is their desire to explore the world. The fire hand personality demands attention because they know the value of what they can offer.

4. The water hand shape

The water type has extended palms and long fingers; the hand regularly appears narrow overall. The fingers are lean with conic or pointed tips. Many are attracted to the arts (modelling, fashion, singing, acting, etc.). Also, healing professions or counselling. The long fingers show their patience and eye for detail but can be unworldly or impractical. Especially so if with pointed fingertips.

5. The air hand shape

This shape is also called the thinking hand or the philosophical hand. The air hand has a square palm with noticeably long fingers. The lines are clear but more delicate than the ones on the earth-type hand. The square shape of the palm gives practical, realistic and down-to-earth qualities, and the long fingers show the thinking person.

Read more about hand shapes here.

Palmistry Guide Part Two – The Lines on the Palm

Hand lines: The first line a person typically looks at on the palm is the Life line. It is also frequently the most prominent line on the palm as it arcs around the mount of Venus, reaching somewhere near the wrist. The line of life is not an indicator of longevity. What it does reveal, however, is the quality of your life.

The Life Line

palmistry guide

The Curve of the Life Line

Curved or straight hand lines: Some life lines curve around enough to reach out towards the mount of the Moon so far as to touch the fate line. I have learned that when this occurs, it has a significant meaning around that period indicating a need for change or an event that brings about change. Often, career or motivations become a current focus.

A line that arches widely towards the mount of the Moon depicts an outgoing and restless person with many interests. They will have a love of travel and changes of scenery. A broad line curving well around the Venus mount shows warmth and affection but is a little more reserved.

A line close to the thumb shows a lack of energy and feelings of love or affection; a person who is selfish or cold emotionally, especially if the Venus mount is flat. Read more about life line types here.

The Head Line

This line is one of the most significant hand lines on the palm because it reveals a great deal about your essence of you. It gives clues as to how you think and manage (mentally).

A head line connected to the line of life but narrowly separated at its commencement suggests someone who is happiest when others around them can relate. While they are confident, they may need support or sympathy from those people. Read more about the head line here.

The Heart Line Types

The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line on the palm; it represents how people express their feelings and attitudes towards relationships. The basics of reading this line are the same as the head and life lines; that is, by looking at its length, depth, and quality. The deepness of the line displays the depth of feeling. So, a curved line indicates emotion, while a straight line shows control.

palmistry guide, heart line

(Red heart line) An ideal heart line would be gently curved and end somewhere between the index and middle finger. If it also has a fork at the end, the person has a naturally optimistic view of relationships; they have a balance between ideal and practical.

(White heart line) A straight line shows an emotionally controlled person. It marks someone who is more cautious and may hide their feelings. If it is very straight, they may seek perfection in a relationship. However, the lack of curve in the line also indicates the lack of warmth and a wish to be loved. The straight line does not seek close relationships, hence revealing coldness.

(Blue heart line) A long heart line reaching Jupiter’s mount illustrates someone ambitious and vain. This type shows a person who displays particularly strong emotions. The right words to describe them is respectful, thoughtful, and caring. They have a desire for harmony. They are instinctive and need to feel safe with their partner before they show their true feelings.

Palmistry Guide Part Three – The Minor Lines

The Fate Line

career line on the palm

The fate line is called the Saturn line or career line. It rises towards the middle finger and is associated with the same qualities as the Saturn mount. The fate line is the best line to see a change in the life of its bearer. Therefore, it shows a steady life path if it doesn’t show changes, such as breaks and branches.

A perfect and straight fate line that runs directly from the base of the palm to below the middle finger is rare. However, it can denote a decided career or direction in life. The person with this type knows who they are; they are self-motivated and in control of their chosen path from an early age. Read more about the fate line here.

The Success line (Apollo line, Inner Realm Line)

multiple success lines, inner realm line

The success line, another term used by Johnny Fincham, is the Inner Realm Line, a vertical line that rises from the upper areas of the Mount of Moon. It is not present as a complete line on all hands and is more typically found only in segments.

When one has the success line on the palm, it signifies a person’s sense of achievement and satisfaction. The longer this line, the more it shows the ability to express creativity, personal fulfilment or merely the capacity to enjoy life. Read the guide to the success line here.

The Health Line (Mercury line)

The health line, also called the Mercury line or line of the liver, describes a person’s overall state of health. It usually starts on the Mount of Moon or the life line and runs upward towards Mount Mercury. This line mainly shows the state of the liver and digestive system. However, because of the qualities of Mercury, it can also depict business success or failure. If the line runs deep onto the Mount of Mercury with rising branches, it shows great business success. More.

The Girdle of Venus

many lines on top of palm

The Girdle of Venus is like an additional heart line; it adds sensitivity and intensity to the personality. In some cases where the heart line is absent, such as the Simian line, it’s more common. It’s more likely to be in pieces or sections rather than one single line. Read the complete guide about the Girdle of Venus here.

Marriage Lines

timing of marriage in palmistry

The marriage lines are on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. The usual meaning is that a distinct straight line shows a long-term relationship (not necessarily marriage). Read the complete marriage lines article here.

Intuition line

line of intution, intuition line, palmistry line of intuition, psychic line on palm

If well and marked, this hand line adds significantly to the intuitive faculties and enhances Mercurian acuteness. If coupled with long fingers, pointed tips, a full Mount of Moon, and the head line sloping, the subject will be powerfully psychic with visions, and they will be firm advocates in signs and omens. It is also one of the signs of intelligence. Read more about the intuition line here.

Allergy Line

allergy line, intensity line

Where there is an allergy line present, it can denote sensitivity towards food, drugs, or both. The person could be sensitive to airborne pollutants, smoking, and alcohol. This line also appears redder when an allergy or infection is present in the system. In many cases, it looks more like a crease than a line. The allergy line is mainly on the hands, with soft skin covered in many lines. Read more about it here.

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