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Allergy Line Meaning on the Palm

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The Allergy Line

The allergy line is also known as a poison line, Via Lascivia, addiction line, or escape line. It is commonly found on the long, slim hand (water hand) with many lines. Soft skin is more likely to have this mark. I see it in the hands of many people who say they’re not allergic to anything. Keep in mind that it is not just a mark of allergy. It also refers to how a person functions emotionally or intuitively.

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Where is the allergy line?

The allergy line lies horizontally or diagonally on the ulna edge of the palm. This area, called the Mount of Moon, shows our imagination, emotion, nurturing and intuition. Lines in this area might suggest problems in one or more.

Another similar mark is often referred to as the intensity line. It sits a little higher on the Mount of the Moon. The intensity line would be more common on an intuitive hand (fire hand): a rectangular palm with short fingers. These people tend to crave action and thrills like bungee jumping, or on the other end of the scale, seek an escape through drugs. So you could say that this line, whether you call it an allergy line, poison line or intensity line, shows significance for two types of people: the hyperactive and the potential drug addict.

On its own, this line does not automatically make someone allergic or a thrill-seeker.

It does, however, denote someone who potentially has a delicate physiological system. It shows that the sensitivity exists but doesn’t specify the allergen or problem. If you have this line and want to find out about it, perhaps you can record your diet and note if you come in contact with any chemicals to see if there is a reaction.

Allergy line and soft skin.

The allergy line mainly occurs when there are soft skin and many lines. Whenever this line is found on the palm, the owner is more likely to react strongly to chemicals, drugs, and medications like penicillin.

If you see this line on your child’s hand, take care of their diet and watch carefully for any changes. The changes to look for are in their behaviour, which might relate to the changes in the diet.

Strangely enough, however, those with the allergy line often seem aware of their own sensitivity. This sensitivity leads them to leave behind drugs and chemicals completely. Naturopaths and healers are among many who possess this line.

Types of allergy line

The allergy line does not always sit in the exact spot, confusing inexperienced readers. I have seen this line low near the wrist. It can be extended all the way to the Mount of Venus or a shorter line, just sitting on the Mount of the Moon. Someone who suffers from depression is more likely to have a long line from the Mount of Moon to the Mount of Venus.

You might want to do this quick survey here if you have a similar line:

types of allergy lines


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